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“Teresa Yanaros of Divine Frequency is one if the most Amazing Enlightened Souls I met during the conference and I was fortunate enough to have her read for me while I was there, which was definitely right on point!

Thank You Teresa, it was great meeting you!”

-Jánice Hodges

“Thanks for a great tarot reading, Teresa!”

-Cheri Perkins

Cheri Perkins and Teresa Yanaros after a tarot reading at Eclipse of Disclosure conference in McCloud, CA, August 2017.

“I had the pleasure of meeting/laughing with Teresa Yanaros at Eclipse of Disclosure and the incredible creators she mentions in this video. Shout out to you all! I miss you.️ I wanted to quickly note that William Tompkins inspired many of us to dig and expose the reality of our current state and I personally want to shout out Teresa for her incredible effort on the Disclosure front with her skills of journalism but also with her skills in Tarot.

She wields an incredible intuition and connection to the inner truths of others and with her in depth understanding of the symbolism and messages in the Tarot she revealed to many of us Disclosure Warriors what our true path and our true nature is. She encouraged us to disclose ourselves and I personally think this is essential to our success. Authenticity in ourselves and our path is how we shall fly into Disclosure and she most likely did 100+ readings over the span of the conference for all of us out of the love in her heart but as her mission as well. We needed her to reveal these things so we may claim them and I think the world would be a much brighter place if we all had a Teresa in our lives to uncover these truths.

Thank you for your hard work and I’m looking forward to working with you in the near future Fire Goddess.”

-Alexis Buck, Founder, Ascension Diaries

“I was fortunate enough to get the most amazing, dead on tarot reading from this little lady. Teresa Yanaros of Divine Frequency is a master at her craft, highly recommended.”

-Mick Shrier

Mick Shrier and Teresa Yanaros at the Eclipse of Disclosure conference at McCloud, CA, 2017.

“Teresa, Teresa, Teresa! I am all about Teresa! Being a reader myself I have had many psychics approach me to give me readings, I have honestly not allowed many to read me. Teresa nailed it! Her energy, patience and coaching helped me overcome a huge block I had. Thank so much for what you do!”

-Jeremy McDonald, Manager, Stillness in the Storm

“Teresa’s reading was incredibly insightful, upbeat, and accurate. She is an incredible intuitive and very pleasant and easy to talk to which assists in her inate understanding. It was refreshing to meet a fellow ascended mermaid!”

–Karyn Hei of Richmond, ME

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