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  1. Saw your post on twitter and re-tweeted. Thanks for putting the word out. The community has lots of questions. Will hit the bell on your channel for the live stream you mention.

  2. Great article! And great work beinging up the subject of Egregores – a topic which is long over due for our community to hear about. I have writen a blog on the subject of egergores here: https://dreamrunes.xyz/2QdIEyC

    We all need to start focusing on compashion and being merciful. In hebrew the would used for compashion is “Rachuma”. It is equated to the compashion a mother has for her child in the womb. In holy works such as the bible, this is often translated as “Tender mercies”. It is a quality associated with the Sephirot “Chesed” or “Loving Kindness”. This is a supernal form of compasion, but one i think that our community needs to work very hard to integrate in to our consciousness. If we are becoming as enlightened as we all say we are, then we need to start focusing on manifesting this trait.

    Once again great article! Keep up the great work of enlightenment. We all get there together as one.

    – Betzalel Maggid

  3. Thank you Melissa. I wasn’t even aware of compassion blaming as you’ve explained it, on my pathway as an Empath Sensitive. It’s not something I’ve encountered, it was interesting to read about.x

  4. I am in support and believe you are in tune with your path and undersrand much more than before. No need for apologies or regret. How else would you know the difference. Much love, AJ

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