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  1. Thank you 💜
    I just got through reading your article. There is much i could say in reference to sharing the experience you had. I will only say,tha th you for the clarification and confirmations. Some of which I shared yesterday to two souls on a journey (though I just read this, this morning).
    I AM an elder, I have seen the TWOmorrows and the toomorrows.
    I have enjoyed and grateful for your sharing. I look forward to more.
    Thank you 💜💃

  2. Who really knows what entities are messing with you in your dream state. Discernment people ,plenty of discernment.
    Cobra says that all the time.

  3. I got this link sent by a new friend on Onstellar and I must say… it holds so much syncronicity for me. Thank you for taking time to write this down and share it. I just hung that hand in my kitchen window the other day =) Love/ Anneli Vitterskog

  4. Wow! What a profound experience, Teresa! I haven’t had a similar experience as yours; but after reading your story and Cobra’s latest post today, I felt like everything that happened in my life makes perfect sense now. I was born without a father. My mother was missing for the past 20 years of my life (I’m now 28). I grew up with my grandpa and grandma. They both died a year a part when I was in college -and each right before Christmas. See, life was hard! So, while I feel deep connection with everyone in my family, my early life experiences spared me from the claws of “worldly attachment”. Life was tough! But little did I know that I was tougher. I was even surprised when I checked my cabinet for important things to bring and I could not find any. Not even the precious clothes and shoes that I thought I am obsess and can’t live without. Not my phone. Not my hard-earned money.

    And although unbeknownst before, it was a leap of faith for me to still trust the unseen guiding hands of the unknown despite all my life’s tragedies. Had I chickened out and given up, I probably would have not become the awakened soul that I am today. It might have taken me years to figure and appreciate things out, but I am grateful for everything that I would not want it the other way around —even if there’s an assurance of a perfect childhood.

    In the dream, you’ve already made your choice; so regardless if it’s the right path or if it’s a trap, I am very confident that you’ll get out of it a victor. Because for me, if we consider ourselves Starseeds/Lightworkers/LightWarriors/Awakened Souls (or howsoever we call it), we will always shine our light notwithstanding the kind of battlefield. If planetary liberation is what we’re all aiming for, it doesn’t matter if we go down there meditating all day or go down there swirling swords and fighting demons. We will transmute. We will fight a good fight. And if we lose, we will still win because we will pave the way for the next warriors to learn from our path.

    And to those who decided not to come, it’s perfectly fine. Isn’t Gaia a planet of freewill and discernment? You, as much as I, is entitled to it. Besides, going down there is just ONE of the MANY ways. 😊

    Victory of the light!

  5. In 2015 I had a dream that I went to some empty warehouse in the middle of the night. I was invited to go down a ladder (much like the hole & ladder in the Cobra article) in what looked like an open elevator shaft, and down into an underground facility. The man that invited me to go down looked like a MIB. The underground room I was in also looked like a government/ military facility. There were people sitting in a circle formation viewing 3D holographic simulations of bombs/nuclear bombs. I wasn’t really sure what I was looking at. Next, I was taken somewhere but have no memory of it. I just remember coming back to the surface and thinking, “That was the most amazing day of my life!”. I was looking for somebody to tell, and when I woke up I remember the profound feeling of the dream, like I had experienced something magical, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t remember the entire middle section, “amazing” part of the dream. I figure my memory was wiped. I always felt like I had traveled to Inner Earth. That’s my story. Sorry there’s no juicy details. It’s still very profound to me, though.

  6. Hi Teresa, I won’t be able to participate in your ‘live’ session regarding this post. I just want to say that I feel hesitation, and am hopeful that you have some ‘insider intel’ that gives you confidence that this is ligit. Also, I am new to COBRA, so need to further investigate. Suffice it to say that I would hate to lose you without absolute certainty that this is not a trap of some kind. I know you are quite vigilant so am very confident that you will take all precautions and consult your personal contacts for feedback. I will be following this story. Much love and the very best for your highest good! -Angie

  7. I know I am here as an early wave to raise the planetary consciousness per Dolores Cannon’s books. The Earth is going up to 4th/5thD so why do we need to leave? The tricksters can do anything with our minds. That is logical thinking. However, this suitcase packing dream was one I had a week ago too. My daughter and I were packing our suitcases and it seemed as if we had been on vacation and we were going home with much anticipation and joy. There was a sense of great relief. This tells me that I may be among these beings too, since the Anshar came and protected my friend and I as we drove to Mt. Shasta for the Eclipse events in August and they gave me a mission there during that event. So thanks for sharing this. I am cautious however, as I know they do mess with our minds and make us believe anything to stop this ascension. Proceed with CAUTION.

    1. So because one person made a completely unsubstantiated claim in one sentence, that is reason enough for your equally unsubstantiated claim to call this post fake news? Nice.

  8. Fear and judgment are evident in the negative comments. Those souls have not come to a place of Unconditional Love, Peace, and Freedom. That is okay. They choose their path.
    Your Light and Love are having a positive impact on so many people. You are loved and supported always. United Lights stay strong. Love has won.

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