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Divine Frequency is a collaborative project that welcomes contributions from freelance journalists from all over the globe.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor to Divine Frequency alternative news media website and meet our qualifications, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Current Contributors:

Sterling Nicole Bennett has spent her life thus far studying and experiencing all things paranormal and metaphysical. She is both a teacher and a student, always learning and constantly growing. Her mission on this planet is to help others through sharing her journey and insights with the world. Follow Sterling on YouTubeFacebook, and Patreon.

Justin Deschamps has been a truth seeker all his life, studying physics, psychology, law, philosophy, and spirituality, and working to weave these seemingly separate bodies of information into a holistic tapestry of ever expanding knowledge. Justin is a student of all and a teacher to some, sharing what he has discovered with those who are ready and willing to take responsibility for making the world a better place. The goal of his work is to help himself and others become better truth-seekers, and in doing so, form a community of holistically minded individuals capable of creating world healing projects for the benefit of all life—what has been called The Great Work. Check out his project Stillness in the Storm to find some of his work. Follow on Twitter @sitsshowFacebook Stillness in the Storm, and minds.com.

Aquaria Star, a spiritual guide, community creator, and artist, seeks to bring a greater level of consciousness into everything we do. He helps people to align with their highest passion. Deeply passionate about science, technology, art, psychology, and spirituality he brings a unique approach to all of the arts of sciences integrating ancient wisdom into the modern world.


  • I am dedicated to the pursuit of truth; the unbiased kind that pierces like a sword!
  • I firmly aspire to achieve “disclosure consciousness” and to always have an open mind to new information in order to improve my belief systems
  • I am a professional writer and have thought-provoking content to share in one of the following areas: consciousness, disclosure, conspiracies, holistic health, or spirituality.
  • I have WordPress experience and can commit to regular article postings.





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