by Teresa Yanaros, February 4, 2020

Yay! It’s 2020! Now that we’re all here, we all have perfect hindsight!

Right? 2020 vision! Perfect hindsight, right? Wait, I thought…

Congratulations to all of us. We’ve made it.

We are now all suddenly perfect beams of divine light riding the omniscient waves of wisdom into the new decade while leaving all the bullshit behind us.

So far in 2020, Shakira and J-Lo performed a pole-dancing striptease in front of teenagers at the Super Bowl, a protestor screamed bloody murder at a drag queen on a street in San Francisco, and I’m sure plenty of other personal anecdotes of shenanigans we could all add to the bullshit list for January 2020.

Oh boy.

Come on, Team Earth, we’ve still got 11 more months to go.

Was all the talk of 2020 vision of the past and for the future just a farce?

How do we actually turn that hindsight on, leave the bad ju-ju in the past, harness the good 2020 ju-ju, and propel ourselves into a bright and shiny future?

Here are 20 ways that YOU can ignore the bullshit and live your best life.

1 – Eat more chocolate.

Chocolate is the one thing you can eat that most corners of the internet won’t try to tell you will give you cancer.

You just go on and take another bite, friend, and live your best life!

2 – Remember that the bullshit is temporary.

The storms in your life will not last forever. If you are feeling down as you reflect upon and integrate every single thing that’s happened to you over the course of your life with your new swanky perfect 2020 vision, just know that those pain points will go away. In fact, you just TELL those pesky painful memories to fade into the past with the last decade. They ain’t invited to the 2020 party.

Becoming locked within deleterious and negative patterns of thinking weighs you down emotionally and prevents you from having enough energy to eat as much chocolate as you would be able to otherwise. Level up. Stop that.

Bringing your best life into clearer focus takes your mind off that icky painful stuff that you don’t really want to dwell on anyway.

3 – Throw glitter.

Know that the more you focus on the glitter and happiness and amazingness you have currently in your life, you realize that the bullshit is behind you, doesn’t define you, and doesn’t even matter anymore.

Look at all that glitter all around you! And as we all know, glitter is the gift that multiplies and keeps on giving!

4 – Embrace YOU.

It’s 2020. Ain’t nobody gonna look at you weird for taking that selfie, okay? We understand. We’ve emBRACED the selfie.

We live in a keyboard-warrior culture obsessed with technology, media, and getting offended at everything. We see shade being thrown at, well, anyone and everyone for just about anything and everything. If you have self-confidence, you are self-absorbed. If you have low self-esteem, you’re playing the victim. If you have money, you are a bad person. If you don’t, you’re lazy. The list goes on. And guess what this is a list of?

Youuuu guessed it! It’s a list of bullshit!

Which has nothing to do you with you or your awesomeness or your best life that is coming more and more into focus at this very moment! Embrace everything that makes you who you are! You are unique and amazing and epic and the only you that exists, so do your thing. You being you and doing your thing benefits all because nobody else can be that brilliant you that you are, okay?

Which brings us to the final and most important way to ignore the bullshit and live your best life.

5 – Ride off into the sunset on your unicorn.

When you redirect your attention away from the bullshit onto something more positive by riding off into the sunset on your unicorn, you start learning how to live your best life.

You are getting the hang of tapping into your epic chocolate-eating, glitter-throwing, unicorn-riding self. You know that the bullshit is not in your reality anymore. You’ve learned how to use your eagle-eye 2020 Lazer-perfect vision to see into the future that you want!

And that future?

Does not have any bullshit in it!

So you go on and take that perfect vision through 2020 and beyond, okay?

Ignore the bullshit.

Live your best life!

-Teresa Yanaros