by Teresa Yanaros, January 24, 2020

This is Teresa Yanaros at Divine Frequency

Inside the Disclosure Machine, there are many world-views. This 6-part series spotlights “the paranoid conspiracy addict.”

You Are The Hero.

You are the hero of this journey. I’m here to provide just a little bit of perspective as you traverse the road of truth-seeking, so you can be on the lookout for traps (some of which I’ve been caught in myself) and maintain your sovereignty in the process!

All right let’s DIVE right in, #mermaidlife

The true facts about the “paranoid conspiracy addict worldview” that we’ve covered so far.  

1 – Everything is a conspiracy


Within the paranoid conspiracy media, there will be GURUS who will be ELEVATED, and presented upon their pedestal as having all the conspiracy answers you could ever want.

They are much more observant than you and therefore can SEE through the evil tactics of the cabal better than you! They have experience in this, and you’ll just have to take their word for it. They might also have alleged “insiders” and have all kinds of secret information given to them by spies and government officials. Don’t ask for evidence though! 

Because evidence is DANGEROUS!

Don’t ask for evidence because it’s all locked inside the guru’s paranoid head. 

It’s okay though, because The GURU has ALL the shiny captivating answers. At first you’ll just listen because you’re intrigued. But this content will pull you in, take you down rabbit hole after rabbit hole, and then you’ll be hooked, addicted to conspiracy content. Doesn’t it feel GOOD to have ALL the answers about EVERYTHING?? You’ve got it all figured out. Thanks to the guru! And the GURU loves it and feeds off of giving YOU the answers that you want. Welcome to the Disclosure Machine.

The GURU knows all. The ego of the paranoid conspiracy media guru is as big as a flat disc the size of planet Earth.

Egomania is self-preoccupation. This personality type is caught up in their own delusions of grandeur and personal greatness. They think that the cabal is directly out to get them for spreading the “truth” to YOU.

They feel generally unappreciated and misunderstood, because the rest of the world thinks they are crazy! 

I’m not crazy, I’m surrounded by sleeping sheep!! Incredibly boring stupid unconscious low-vibe sleeping sheep.

Oh poor, misunderstood GURU up there on your throne.

Ya think maybe they’re just bored with their own lives and desperately want the drama so the can convince themselves that their lives are more exciting than they actually are?

HM. Good question.

Not only is the GURUS life more interesting than yours, it’s also more important than yours. So whatever job you are working, you better take a cut of that money, a tithe if you will

(Whoah that kind of sounds religious doesn’t it???)

And make sure that you are donating to your guru so you feel like you are assisting in bringing about the new age shift in consciousness that is going to be brought about by the GURU sharing paranoid conspiracy content across social media

Thats ridiculous 

Im sorry thats just how this works okay?

The paranoid conspiracy GURU has decided that since they are disseminating information to the masses that is desperately needed in order to liberate humanity’s consciousness from bondage, that you should pay them for the information they are giving you, and you should also give them hazard pay because of the dark cabal agents that are constantly trying to kill them. 

DISCLAIMER ALERT: As a content creator, I know how much time it takes to produce content and I do not think there is anything wrong with charging for products and services. However, with the paranoid conspiracy addict machine, the guru has rallied support from a community by feeding them fear porn and paranoid packages of lies. The grievance against charging money in this circumstance is moreso related to the issue of spiritual danger of feeding into lies than it is being an issue with charging for goods and services. It’s the nature of the goods and services that’s being criticized here. The paranoid conspiracy addict worldview includes beliefs about the world and also spirituality, which the GURUS are able to turn into a religion and harvest unsuspecting people who are actually looking for peace and true healing. None of which are found through machines run by paranoid conspiracy gurus.

Unfortunately – the gurus convince their loyal community that they are constantly under attack by the evil cabal, and need your money so they can continue to create their content.

Which leads us to the concept of the COMMUNITY BEING FUEL, which we will cover in the next video.

Stay tuned for more TRUE FACTS about the paranoid conspiracy media category of the Disclosure Machine, a subculture.

Thank you for watching!

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This is Teresa Yanaros at Divine Frequency, where we critique the images and messages received through media outlets.

-Teresa Yanaros

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