by Teresa Yanaros, January 22, 2020

Welcome to this debut of my brand new series, “Paranoid Conspiracy Addict.”

In this premiere video, I discuss the first “TRUE” fact about this sub-system of the Disclosure Machine (a sub-culture).

Fact Number One: Everything is a Conspiracy!

This is Teresa Yanaros at Divine Frequency.

Inside the Disclosure Machine, there are many world-views. This 6-part series spotlights one particular archetype within this master framework, one system within this gigantic machine of truth-seeking.

Under the umbrella of “conspiracy theorist“ there are many layers and perspectives and personality types. 

Although some conspiracies are not theories but actually fact, one must be aware of a particular category of conspiracy theorist.


Today we are discussing the alternative media-obsessed personality plagued by paranoia and delusions of grandeur trapped in the echo chamber of the “paranoid conspiracy addict worldview.”

Here’s the basic truth. You are the hero of this journey. You are the truth-seeker and this is your experience. I’m here to provide just a little bit of perspective as you traverse this road, so you can be on the lookout for traps (some of which I’ve been caught in myself) and maintain your sovereignty in the process!

All right let’s DIVE right in, #mermaidlife

Here is a TRUE fact about the paranoid conspiracy addict category of the Disclosure Machine, a subculture.


“A conspiracy is a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.”

Oxford English Dictionary

These conspiracy media heads believe that the ruling elite of the world, commonly referred to in conspiracy speak as the “cabal” or groups of “cabals,” are actively attacking you and trying to kill you, deceive you, and control your mind through all systems of mainline culture, whether it be mainstream media, religion, military, big pharma, and basically any and all corporations. 

DISCLAIMER ALERT (this one’s for you in the comments section):

I’m not in any way saying that we should blindly believe the aforementioned systems, nor should we blindly discredit the notion that evil people run the world. We must critique images and messages received through all outlets, especially the mainstream media. However, there is a middle ground here. I am speaking directly to the personality type who does not hear, does not assess data, does not analyze and synthesize, but instead, blindly throws out all information not in alignment with the paranoid conspiracy addict mindset and becomes addicted to farfetched fear-based media.

This mindset can creep in on you slowly and before you know it, it’s become your worldview, or the lens through which you perceive your entire reality.

As the paranoid conspiracy addict is obsessed with conspiracy news, this mentality becomes deeply embedded within the psyche of the person.

Everywhere you look a conspiracy! The evil cabal is out to get you and they are attacking every single part of your life, your media, your food, your clothes, your mind, your job, your spirituality, your very way of life and everything in it! 

Grab your keyboard, paranoid conspiracy keyboard warrior and post all the conspiracy fringe articles that you can find across your internet feeds!

How ELSE will anyone WAKE UP AROUND HERE???

(Whoah, slow down there tiger. We’re just getting started)

Although there is compelling information to be assessed on these topics, it’s important to pump the breaks and not fall victim to the deception that lies directly ahead of this attitude.

This poisonous way of thinking creeps deeper and deeper into the fabric of the mind until you become trapped within the echo chamber of paranoid fringe news.

This seeps into every facets of your life until you are believing that you, too, are being attacked by the cabal, who wants to harm you and silence you!

You start to believe that everyone else has an agenda.

And that paranoid Conspiracy Addicts are the only ones who know what’s going on around here. 

This leads us to the “paranoid conspiracy guru,” which we will cover in the next video.

Stay tuned for more “TRUE” FACTS about the paranoid conspiracy addict category of the Disclosure Machine, a subculture.

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This is Teresa Yanaros at Divine Frequency, where we critique the images and messages received through media outlets.

Teresa Yanaros


Stay tuned for more episodes where Teresa will break down more “TRUE” facts about the “Paranoid Conspiracy Addict!”

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