by Teresa Yanaros, January 6, 2020

Hi! I’m Teresa Yanaros at Divine Frequency.

2020 Mission Statement: Divine Frequency’s mission is to ride the wave between the supernatural and paranormal realms.

2020 Vision Statement: Divine Frequency’s vision is to define, analyze and clarify the nexus point between the supernatural and the paranormal.

Divine Frequency will investigate the interaction between the supernatural and paranormal realms through presentations of Christian doctrinal and theological material, and through cultivating enriching dialogue and open and honest communication among viewers and other researchers. Let’s have fun while seeking the truth!

What you WON’T find on this channel.

1. Me telling you that you are going to hell.

2. Me telling you what to believe.

What you WILL find on this channel:

1. Judgement Free Zone

2. Open, engaging, respectful conversation

3. Honest perspectives and personal experiences

4. Attempts to understand the world in which we live

5. Deep dives into the interaction between the supernatural and paranormal realms.

In the year 2020, join me on Divine Frequency as we zero in on this fascinating arena of mystery and beyond.

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