In Part Two of the Charlie’s Angels Pop Feminism series, we expand the conversation from second-wave feminism to third-wave feminism and look at some of the implications of the latest movements within American feminism, such as the #MeToo and Time’s Up Movements.

“With the announcement of the latest Charlie’s Angels film coming out November 2019, what does feminist activism look like today? Women already have voting rights, property rights, employment rights, birth control, and abortion. What more could American women actually be asking for nowadays? Are they still being brutalized by a patriarchal society? Or are they just lashing out, angry and wanting to play the victim card against a brutal oppressor named the patriarchy? I think we can take a balanced approach.”

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Charlie’s Angels Pop Feminism Sexual Revolution – Series Video One
In Part One of the Charlie’s Angels Pop Feminism Series, we discuss the history of Charlie’s Angels and the Sexual Revolution, and how the intersection of second-wave feminism and the sexual revolution of the 1960s created a wave of sexual liberation that ultimately boosted popularity of shows like Charlie’s Angels, released on ABC in 1976.

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