Teresa Yanaros at Divine Frequency discusses the rampant idol worship that occurs in New Age, UFOlogy, and Spiritualism communities. New Age Idol Worship Runs RAMPANT ! Spiritual FALSITY

Idolatry is the extreme admiration, love, or reverence of someone or something. You need no intermediary between you and GOD. How does idolatry factor into not only New Age mentality, but also celebrities in various fields promoting spiritual growth? Nobody WANTS to worship a false idol! What signs can you look out for when it comes to slowly being misled into idolatry?

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Teresa Yanaros, an author and millennial advocate for personal empowerment and soul development, shares news and inspirational perspectives through her professional multi-media project “Divine Frequency.” Her upbeat attitude and intense passion for driving through truth and change act as a catalyst for her philosophical and cosmic teachings. Follow on FacebookTwitter, and YouTubeShop Divine Frequency.

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