(Teresa Yanaros) Consider the nature of the guiding light which leads you to the truth. You are made of this substance. Threads of this light connect you to the highest being of all. The central node of truth lies within the heart of the One Creator. The One Creator is the densest point of light that exists in the entire universe. You are not meant to be separate from this light. As a being of light yourself, you have the ability to traverse a path from the Source back to the Source. What is the highest path? LOVE.

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by Teresa Yanaros, Wednesday, November 28th, 2018

Love is the highest path through which you travel as light. Because you are a fractal emanation of Spirit, your microcosmic being is a direct mirror of the macrocosm. Inside of you, a balance must be sought in order to remember/ fully realize your oneness in being with the One Creator.

Approaching The Central Plane of Universal Consciousness

There is a bridge that must be crossed in order to access the central plane of existence. This central place is the sweet spot, the zero-point, the space of everlasting universal abundance and flow. In order to cross this bridge to find balance, you must balance and unite all aspects of your being.

How Do You Do This?

In order to balance and unite all aspects of your being, practice loving every part of your soul. Appreciate the divinity inside of you. Each part of your divine self is truly important: the rational, the logical, the emotional, the spiritual, the calculating, the artistic (I could go on and on here). Altogether these aspects of yourself make you who you truly are. You naturally have some parts of yourself that are more developed and advanced, and others that you are still working to understand and refine. That is perfectly okay! It’s natural. This whole experience is a process of improvement through gaining experiences and then integrating those experiences.

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When you accept yourself, fully and freely, this allows you to shine that acceptance upon all others, as all others are merely other parts to the wholeness that comprises the universal consciousness.

When you are in a space of love, you don’t have negative feelings about yourself or others, and you blossom into a space of complete happiness, joyfulness, and bliss. The shine that comes from your heart is shared openly and freely with others.

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This is when you know that you have crossed the bridge into the central node of your being, the space of warmth, love, and complete TRUE freedom. When this occurs, you open with sensuality and creativity in ways like never before. You find the goodness and balance in each moment. You notice the perfect design in the creation all around you. You actually feel healthier, you have more clarity about your life and circumstances, and your relationships improve.

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Your microcosmic initiation echoes into eternity and assists with the balance of the entire macrocosmic web.

What is the best way to get to the centralized universal plane of existence? One word: Gratitude. Through practicing gratitude you align your spirit with the warmth of the path of love. When you start to feel fear, pain, frustration, or anger, become aware that your thoughts are moving into a negative place. Then take control of your mind by asking yourself one simple question, “How can I turn this thought into gratitude?”

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The truth is, you are inseparable from the One Creator.

To attune to this Frequency (so you can return to Source!) you must remember that you are not separate by:

  1. Realizing/understanding that you are light and the same source that lights the fire in your soul is that same source of the One Creator.
  2. Activating LOVE.

You must realize the illusion of separation.

Those who forget their oneness with the Creator become lost. Don’t lose the path! You ARE light. Choose love.

The Power To Change Your Mind

You are a 100 percent unique blueprint, with the capacity to change your mind and heart at any given second. You have been given the GIFT of free will. This is an incredibly powerful gift. You have the right to change your mind. Bask in that reality. If you find yourself plagued by negative thought patterns, or if you are looking to refine your path toward the light, it’s never too late. In fact, each of us should always be recalibrating and making sure that we are in alignment with our highest path. It takes dedication, effort, and a healthy dose of thinking about thinking!

Free Will

Free will is true unconditional love from the universe which gives you the power every moment to choose your path. The path of LOVE is the path to the One Creator. As a being of light, you have the free will to choose whether or not this is the path you want to take. Will you choose love today?

“All around us are pieces of the gigantic cosmic puzzle. Let’s attune to its Frequency.”

Teresa Yanaros

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