(Tricia Margis) Did you ever wonder if what you learned in school was really the entire truth?

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by Tricia Margis, October 20th, 2018

Personally, I often had an issue that the textbooks were written by the winners while outdated theories were touted as truth. Questioning the system in its entirety is something I have been diving deep in for the past five or so years and I haven’t looked back. Join me on this mind-blowing ride, will you?

It was an honor diving into huge topics trending in the 3D like the #metoo movement as well as learning how to successfully heal/move past trauma and bring the Divine Feminine back into being from a place of love, not fear.

Some of my favorite takeaways from this interview was understanding the deep personal connection we have with Source aka God aka Creator through meditation and working on extrasensory abilities that we all possess, diving deep into what identity is and does the label truly matter in the big scheme of things, debunking the theory of evolution, and of course talking about profound out-of-body experiences including E.T. contact that tear your entire current reality apart and piece it all back together again with a multidimensional understanding that is beyond the boundaries of space and time.

Anyway, hope ya’ll enjoy this piece with James Gilliland and feel free to drop a like, subscribe, or share it with the world. I’d love to hear what resonated the most with you or what seems like complete bonkers.

Ep.#2| James Gilliland: #Metoo, Draining the Multidimensional Swamp, True Human History ft. Annunaki



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