(Abby Cahoone) The full moon in the sign of Taurus on October 24th brings new energy to the table for many of us. There will be a big emphasis on relationships and matters of the heart. As this lunar cycle comes full circle, let’s see what we have in store for us!

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By Abby Cahoone, October 22nd, 2018

Influences of the Full Moon

In general, whenever there is a full moon you can expect a few things to occur:

  • Emotions may run high.
  • Things come to a close/ full circle.
  • Dream states intensify.
  • Heightened mental activity.
  • Heightened Intuition.

When we have a full moon think of it as things being brought to the surface. Whether it is from the subconscious or conscious mind. Odds are during the new moon on October 8th, you became aware of different thought patterns, habits, ideas, etc. and the full moon brings them to a head giving you the opportunity to face them.

This can be a very beneficial time to meditate and pay attention to what is coming up for you. If you are dealing with stress, change, or other difficulties tapping into exactly what is being brought up in you around the time of the full moon can help you understand how to move past it. While this can be a very high-stress or highly-emotional time there is a lot you can work through. The full moon gives you a big chance to level up in a sense.

Full Moon in Taurus

This full moon falls in the sign of Taurus, the headstrong bull. This earth sign does offer an aspect of grounding which can be beneficial as the full moon stirs up what is going on inside of us. So though things may shift in your life during this time, look for things to help you stay grounded. It can be walking out in nature, taking a few deep breaths, moving your body- knowing things to keep you grounded will help as this full moon illuminates what is going on.

Some traits of this zodiac sign according to astrostyle.com include:


  • Patient
  • Organized
  • Romantic
  • Careful
  • Grounded
  • Dedicated


  • Overindulgent
  • Lazy
  • Stubborn
  • Vain

The AstroTwins

You may find this moon illuminates these traits within you, and you may not see all of these come through for you. This list is provided to help you understand aspects of the bull that has a tendency to be illuminated during this time. While not every trait is deemed positive, trust that whatever parts of you that are surfacing at this time are coming up to help you move forward with whatever you are going through. You may find digging your heels in and being stubborn when you aren’t normally is a great way for you to start making moves for yourself. Or maybe your dedication to a certain project is what really gets the ball rolling. You will especially find these come up for you if your moon sign is in Taurus or if you have Taurus in your natal chart. Whatever traits the bull highlights for you are all to help your progression!

You may also your need to stand your ground is at an all-time high. Before you start digging your heels in, remember the headstrong bull might be bringing out a stubborn energy. Be willing to compromise and remember that there are many moving parts and perspectives to all situations. Keeping lines of communication clear, open, and honest is important during this full moon.

Moon opposite Venus increases your need for love and affection regardless of the consequences. If single, loneliness could cause you to lower your standards just to be with someone. If you have a partner, different moods or needs may expose simmering tensions. Whatever your relationship status, if your emotional needs are not fulfilled through human contact, you may be tempted to substitute with sugar, drugs, alcohol or shopping.

Jamie Partridge

Be willing to communicate your needs during this full moon. You may find yourself too proud to do this, you may expect others to intuitively know your needs and wants, but this is unfortunately not the way things work. You have to be clear about what you are moving through and give others the space to do so as well. This is the best way to work through tension, especially as the full moon trudges up everything in the deep dark hidden parts of us.

Moon trine Saturn gives the patience and emotional strength to handle sensitive or difficult relationship issues. Others may come to you for advice on a personal issue or just for a shoulder to cry on. Traditional values and old habits can bring solutions to new problems. You can rely on strong instincts and common sense to make important decisions about your home, family and relationships.

Jamie Partridge

Though there may be a bit of rockiness or tension in relationships, there is also an opportunity for growth and improvement. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people if you are in need of something, even if it’s just for support. The full moon brings all sorts of energies to the surface and though we are strong, and this moons energy does grant us strength, it is important to remember the people in our lives that are there to support us!

My advice for this time

This full moon brings a lot to the surface as far as relationships are concerned. Remember that relationships are mirrors to what we have going on within us. If you feel something is lacking in a relationship this is a good time to ask yourself if you are giving this *thing*, whatever it is, to yourself as much as you want another person to? 

If you are focusing a lot on outer relationships ask yourself why. There may be aspects of yourself that you are hiding from or looking for from others that you can already grant or do yourself. The things we often want from others are things that we ultimately need from ourselves. When your emotions start to get the better of you take a deep breath and see if you can get to the root of what is being surfaced. This full moon is transformative but it’s intense, be willing to put the work in!

Because the full moon illuminates the things we try to keep in the dark, it is important to cultivate the relationship you have with yourself. This does set the stage for how others will treat you and for what you will allow in your reality. Be sure to take time to yourself and take the time to ask your boy, mind, and soul what you need most right now.

Own your Power, Own your Frequency

Abby Cahoone


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