(Justin Deschamps) In July 2018, During the ECETI conference in Washington State, I was fortunate enough to receive what appears to be a channeled message. This took place during a workshop conducted by Teresa Yanaros, Journalist, Author, and Visionary for Divine Frequency.

by Justin Deschamps, October 16th, 2018

Here’s a little background.

I have been receiving what I refer to as inspirational or intuitive messages all my life. But I don’t consciously invoke a state of consciousness specifically to channel.

When I do receive messages, I’m usually in an inspired place, having just experienced some kind of spiritual awakening or transformation. Given that these terms can usually mean different things to different people, let me take a moment to qualify what I mean by spiritual awakening.

Spiritual Awakening Defined

I would define a spiritual awakening as a paradigm shift in perspective that is holistic and all-encompassing. A spiritual awakening in this sense doesn’t mean the receipt of downloads, new knowledge, or information—although these things usually are also present.

The spiritual awakening, I am referring to (although I calm no absolute authority on this definition) is a shift in consciousness that makes us see things we already know differently. Our initial body of facts, knowledge, feelings, memories and experiences, remain the same, but the structures in consciousness that organize this experiential accumulation of information are reorganized. Simply put, we see things differently in a grand all-encompassing way, life takes on a whole new flavor.

Psychologically, our beingness, personality or character can be divided into two categories: specific knowledge and abstract knowledge. Specific knowledge are memories, facts about specific things, like the taste of coffee or the shape of a pencil. Abstract knowledge are worldviews, meta-concepts, archetypes, and conclusions about specific things. For example, your memory of a favorite movie is specific, but your preference for science fiction is abstract. A spiritual awakening happens in the deeper aspects of our being, the abstract level, where our interpretive framework or mechanism rests. It’s this abstract layer of being that goes through a radical shift, completely changing how we see or interpret experience.

I liken a spiritual awakening as the moment when you’re learning to read and you finally start to see word-meanings instead of strings of letters. Or that moment of forgiveness when the person you previously hated or despised takes on a new, more favorable light. Or when you’re learning a new skill, like riding a bike, and all of a sudden, after hours of practice, things just start to click.

What’s interesting is that from a psychological and philosophic perspective, although spiritual awakenings in the manner I just described don’t impart new information at first, they change our perception, which means we’ll gather new information automatically. And as a result, an onrush of new insights, conclusions, and information usually is a consequence.

What Happened in the Workshop

During the workshop, Teresa carefully and skillfully created a sacred space for those in attendance, encouraging them to tap into a deep aspect of themselves.

We walked out to a quiet place on the outskirts of the ECETI ranch. The heat of the late morning poured over our backs, as Sterling led us through an invocation of a special intention that had the effect of grounding my consciousness into my body, which was connected to the earth and heavens. We made our way silently yet with intent to a small circle of fold-out chairs. Behind us, a serene tree and hand-carved wooden bench provide an earthy atmosphere.

Teresa engaged us in a series of questions that caused me to feel in touch with my expressive self, a part that feeds on inspiration and quiet contemplation. In hindsight, the walking meditation and discussion had the effect of aligning my energy centers that seemed to establish a deep connection to the ALLness of the universe. We were fortunate to have a yoga instructor guide us through a series of exercises that enhanced my awareness even further.

Thereafter, we took our notepads and pens that Teresa provided to a secluded location so we could spend twenty minutes writing.

I pulled my fold out chair to a shaded area under a large tree, feeling the cool breeze deliciously bath my body in refreshment. I sat down, notepad in hand, thinking briefly about what I wanted to write. I had a few topics that were floating around in my head that came through during the first part of the workshop. And I could have easily written about those. But I had an insight that told me I should try to get into a meditative state and see if I can let spirit guide me to express something from beyond my intellectual mind.

I sat there, feeling the dry grass under my feet and let my mind drift into a theta state. I used a mind-clearing mediation, which is a bit of a misnomer, to access a deep part of myself.

The meditation involves closing my eyes to focus on a point of stillness in my mind, a place where I can see thoughts bubble up from deep within me. Yet, instead of focusing on these thoughts, I continually drew my attention to that point of stillness, observing these ideas yet allowing them to settle back into my consciousness from where they. After a few moments, the concentration needed to stay focused on the stillness reduced, and I quickly entered the theta state, also known as a hypnogogic state.

As time and space slowly dissolved into a soup of swirling images and feelings, a clear and almost jarring picture solidified itself in my mind. It was a circular eye, wreathed in what I can only describe as vibrational waves of rippling energy. The eye had a reptilian appearance, a single slit that was thin and black, amid a green and yellow fractal-like tapestry of commingling circular color.

I was momentarily pulled into beta, or a conscious state, as I allowed this image to fill the focus of my mind. I took my yellow A4 sized pad of paper in hand and quickly sketched out the image.

This eye resembles what I saw. Imagine just the eye hovering in a void space, with rippling waves of smoke like energy flowing outwardly from it.

Despite what some of you might be thinking, the reptilian looking eye had no negative influence whatsoever. It was as if the image was a portal. As I focused on the richness of it in my mind’s eye, it began to act like a magnet for a series of words and sentences that I didn’t consciously create. I was channeling!

At that moment, I distinctly remember feeling that I had entered a trance state where I could let these words coalesce so that I could write them down. The technique I used for this was to switch into the theta state, letting a string of words to fill my mind, and then calmly rise up to a beta state so I could write them down. I’d bounced back and forth until the channeling ended.

The Channeling

What follows is the channeled message.

I did not contrive or write this using my own thoughts, ideas, and beliefs. Although, some of the streams do indeed resonate with what I have come to understand over the years. In other areas, I’m still trying to figure it out.

I suggest you interpret the following in your own way and let it act like a divination tool.

Likely some of the lines will seem strange and counter-intuitive. But in my contemplation of what this message could mean, I let myself use multidimensional thinking and analysis. I don’t look for one “right meaning” I let all the meanings pour through me and contemplate each one respectively. I employ this same technique in all areas of discernment and contemplation with great effect.

I took the time to segment the channeling into parts that seem to go together.

Beginning of Channeling

I am the air.

I am the water.

I am life.

I am death.


In me is the water that flows through the fires of being.

The cracking fester of decay clears the space for the flowers of rejuvenation.


Mind to mind.

Heart to heart.

Eye to eye.

Skin to skin.


Be with me oh sacred space.

Fill me with your island waters.


Encompass the light, so that the darkness might live.

From darkness comes light and from light comes darkness.

Where with, you ask, but in the heart of the sun.

Whom with, you ponder, the Allness of the one.

Do not dismiss the wisdom of truth, else it cripples your soul and sours your heart.


I am the living light and the depths of darkness.

In me, salvation resides and suffering is born.

Harken to my words, sweet children of the one.

Heed the call to move within stillness.


Love is not happiness, it is growth, through which, the bliss of happiness emerges.


Quiet in the solitude.

Still in the platitude.


Empty in forgotten sadness the gift of folly cracks the cosmic egg, birthing the renewal of all that is.


What you dream and seek solace in is only a shadow of what is your destiny.

Green, the color of life, is also the color of death.

Love, for you, my children, is always in union with secret hate.


Open the lock to find the key.

Dance in sadness and be reborn.


Embrace your hate and unearth divine love.

For in the unity of diversity freedom from suffering can be found.


I am the will; you are the way.

Question all and find the void.

Be of stillness and quiet the tempest.


That which brings you love will also reveal your hate.

And in your hate is locked away a greater love.

Only you hold the key to your salvation.

Please take a moment to share any insights you had in the comments before you read my interpretations.

Justin’s Analysis and Interpretation

What do I think of all this?

The tone of the message reminds me of The Emerald Tablets. A kind of authoritative quality of providing axiomatic statements.

Axioms are an effective way of communicating ideas because it’s short and direct, yet it lacks an argument to support what is claimed by the statement. This means, you can either passively accept the axiom on faith (blind belief) or you can contemplate it actively and prove to yourself that the axiom is true or not (active philosophy).

That said, let me discuss a few lines.

“The cracking fester of decay clears the space for the flowers of rejuvenation.”

This statement is referring to death and decay, that often reviled side of life we associate to “bad” or disgusting things. It suggests that decay clears the space for rejuvenation, and this holds true when we consider various fields of study.

For example, the body often needs to clear away rotting flesh from a wound, before healing can be completed. Sometimes, maggots are used to eat away the dead flesh, which usually saves a person’s life. Psychologically, we have to let our old and dead beliefs go so new ones can take their place. Given that the truth is infinite and our minds are finite, we’ll always have to purge past beliefs and knowledge to make room for greater truths. True knowledge we accumulated in the past, grows and expands, transforming, as we work consciously to incorporate new information.

“I am the living light and the depths of darkness.

In me, salvation resides and suffering is born.

Harken to my words, sweet children of the one.

Heed the call to move within stillness.”

Here we see a set of statements related to light and darkness. In advanced spiritual philosophy, one begins to encounter paradoxes such as light coming from darkness and darkness coming from light. It seems counter-intuitive, but the essential premise is that both are different ends of the same polarized phenomenon—knowledge, wisdom, and awareness.

In other words, when you become aware of something, when you cast the light of your awareness on it, you become aware of darkness—you see things you don’t understand (e.g. when you learn of cures for cancer, you make contact with the mystery of how a cure can exist while so many people are allegedly searching for it). A more physical example is turning on the light a room in with a lot of objects inside, like your basement or garage. What happens? The light illuminate’s things in the foreground, while making items not directly in the light appear darker. Hence light can create darkness.

Darkness creates light through suffering. When we experience hardship, pain, struggle, or dissatisfaction, this psychologically compels us to act, to solve the problem or restore satisfaction. If you feel pain from not eating, you eat. In doing so, you gain knowledge and skill, you gain light. Thus, when we face challenges, when we grow wiser and more knowledgeable, as a result of facing some “darkness,” light emerges.

What could “In me, salvation resides and suffering is born” mean?

One interpretation is that as we gain salvation from our trauma, pain, and hardships, which at a spiritual level requires growth, we become aware of other things to work on. For example, you might finally transcend your desire for toxic food, but now the emotional disturbance that gave rise to this desire needs to be healed, leading to “suffering.”

Psychologically, suffering is a state of disease or dissatisfaction resulting from our expectations not being met. By thinking carefully about what we’re dissatisfied with, we can retune our expectations to fit reality or change the plan of action to manifest our desires more effectively, thereby gaining greater satisfaction. In short, we’re always going to solve one problem only to discover another later, each moment of “salvation” opens up a pathway to greater growth through challenge.

What could “a call to move within stillness” mean?

What things are completely still? What never changes, despite all else that changes?

The Creator and the habits of the Creator. That’s one answer.

What are the habits of the Creator? What is eternally consistent?

There are several things, such as love, mercy, ministry, and law. Therefore, to “move within stillness” could mean we need to move within or be bounded by (adhere to or follow) love, mercy, ministry, and law. What’s interesting is that these qualities, once installed or instantiated in a person, greatly improve their personal, social, and worldly lives. You become a better person, happier, and actually, improve the planet through your actions if you fall under or are guided by the aforementioned qualities.

Lastly, what could this mean?

“That which brings you love will also reveal your hate.

And in your hate is locked away a greater love.

Only you hold the key to your salvation.”

Psychologically, and philosophically, love and hate are two sides of the same coin. The same energy infuses both expressions, by the way the energy is directed is reversed.

Love is a receptive quality as well as an active force for healing and bringing order to things. But when love is denied, when we can’t express our love in the way we want or to the person, place or thing we want, it turns to hate. Wilhelm Reich’s research into sexuality proved this time and again, echoed by other researchers throughout history. And the powers that be know that if they can destroy a person’s capacity to give love and receive it, via distorting their value system through social engineering, people will slowly end up hating each other via resentment.

Resentment emerges when we’re dissatisfied by something in life, usually due to something unexpected happening, and we can’t or won’t direct that energy toward the cause constructively. If you’re unhappy at your job, and you want to improve things, but can’t because your employer doesn’t care, this will manifest as resentment and bitterness, eventually, you’ll hate being there unless you can forgive them and find a way to derive intrinsic value from the experience.

In relationships, we fall in love because we think someone can embody our ideals and help us express our values. We hope that they will prove to us they are this ideal person. But over time, our ideal and the reality of the other person emerges, a discrepancy, our dream partner and our actual partner don’t line up, and this causes dissatisfaction, leading to resentment if unchecked, leading to hate.

How do you overcome this? You have to choose love over hate, you have to seek for and find the real person you’re with, instead of being upset because they don’t embody your perfect ideal. You have to be willing to grow and humble yourself, to change your ideal to match reality as well as develop rapport and fellowship with your partner so they can embody your values and you can embody theirs.

Clearly, this is a vast topic I can’t completely present in a short paragraph, but the underlying premise can be understood.

Our “salvation” from hate, whether in interpersonal relationships, family, job, government, and so on, all comes down to if we’re willing to take responsibility for changing ourselves or the thing we hate. If we invest ourselves in it, we direct the energy of dissatisfaction and resentment toward the focus constructively, discharging the hate while building fellowship and deep connections. In the act of discharging hate, our consciousness is liberated, and that which was hated before becomes a source of love, literally.

Final Thoughts

Channeling is considered fringe by the mainstream and almost unquestionably true by some in the new age community. I personally think we can have a balanced perspective that draws from both.

Discerning channeling messages aren’t easy, but it can be done if we use multidimensional thinking and contemplate all meanings as a child explores the world.

It’s something we all do to a certain extent I think, we’re always tapping into informational fields buzzing all around us. And yet, developing a conscious process for accessing this field can be very rewarding. The more we practice, the more we can access and be guided.

Of course, we also have to guard against personal dogma.

It’s all too easy to assume a channeled message is 100% truth, but that isn’t usually the case. In most instances, messages are cryptic and encoded, we have to analyze and contemplate them to make sense of what they have to say. Rarely can we blindly believe them, and even if we did, blind belief doesn’t make us smarter or wiser, it just makes us dependent on the thing we believe.

Do you channel? If so, what do you receive? How do you process what comes through?

Let me know in the comments!

 – Justin

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