(Abby Cahoone) On October 8th, 2018, the new moon in Libra will certainly bring a lot to the table for us. As new cycles begin we may find ourselves compelled to transform things and consciously (or unconsciously) shake things up. The intensity could be turned up for some. Let’s take a look at what we’re in for!

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By Abby Cahoone, October 7th, 2018

New Moon Basics

The new moon is the beginning of the next lunar cycle. This is the best time to plant seeds of desire and begin to plan your next moves for the coming 4 weeks. Spending time in introspection and reflection during the new moon can be very beneficial before you start planning for the month ahead.

This may also be a good time to begin a new project you’ve been putting off. Odds are after the previous full moon you have been sloughing off a lot of excess and not-needed energy in order to make room for new things to begin flowing into your life. Embracing new things around the time of a new moon is a fantastic practice to start if you haven’t already.

Plant seeds of intention during the full moon. What do you wish for yourself? What do you want to see take root and bloom into your life? Are their aspects of yourself you wish to show off to the world more? These are great questions to be mindful of asking yourself during the new moon to consciously change things up.

Libra Strives for Balance

Because Libra is the sign of balance it is natural that things could potentially feel off-kilter as we begin this new moon cycle. A lot may seem like it moving in order for you to get your footing. But fear not, odds are by the end of this phase we will feel like brand new people. With this, however, is a call for a conscious shift. Becoming mindful of the balance you are looking for can help you more mindfully work through what is coming up for you. Remember when things become uncomfortable it is typically just before you have a breakthrough of sorts. Move through the uncertainty and come out on the other side.

Being the sign of the scales and always looking to please everyone at all times, decision making may be difficult, especially where emotions are involved during this time.libra

Right now a great question to ask yourself is:

What does balance mean to me? What does it look like?

Dig deep into this question so you can see what is needed and what is not needed for you to feel secure and grounded. Are you too focused on one aspect of your life? Maybe you have been overlooking an important relationship? Or maybe you have been neglecting your inner world because you have been so enveloped in your outer world. Whatever the case may be, expect and allow this knowledge to come to you in order to correct it.

Some other Libra traits according to LoveToKnow:

  • Diplomatic
  • Romantic
  • Charming
  • Tactful
  • Idealistic
  • Peaceful
  • Easy Going
  • Clever
  • Extroverted
  • Indecisive
  • Detached
  • Superficial

During this new moon, you may notice that these characteristics are brought out in you, especially if you have Libra in your birth chart (double points for those of you who have a Libra moon, you will very likely see these traits highlighted).

Astrology King Notes in his new moon article:

The Libra new moon square Pluto will likely intensify existing problems. You may have to deal with extreme or controlling behavior, conflict and drama that forces to face your fears. Pluto may also complicate or deepen other Ceres and Neptune issues, especially relating to your health. A complete transformation may be needed to improve your health. This could include investigations to find the cause of symptoms and seeking help for mental and physical health problems.

Jamie Partridge

Pay attention to your body! Health issues could very well be manifesting in the body because of a mental pattern that has gone on for too long. The previous full moon we had in Aries 2 weeks ago brought a lot up for many people. As we move into this new cycle those things are working their way out of our systems completely so you may have been or still do feel those issues coming to a head currently. These can sometimes manifest in our physical bodies as illness or dis-ease as this blocked energy needs to get our attention so we can transmute it once and for all. My advice, listen to your body it is going to tell you what it needs for healing.

It is not uncommon for astrological circumstances to highlight things that make us uncomfortable. In the case of this new moon, it is as if the “dark” is coming to “light” as the moon becomes more full in time. The parts of us we like to keep hidden are surfacing, this is happening to most people.everything_soulful_shadow_self

It is important to remember that because this is a new moon, there is not a lot being illuminated (as the moon has as little light as possible) so there may be things working to our advantage that we can not see yet. These energies will come into play more and more in the next two weeks as the moon becomes full. If things seem unclear, give them an opportunity to clear up on their own before you jump to conclusions.

Own your Power, Own your Frequency

Abby Cahoone


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