(Kenzie Kazmer) Art, music, writing, and various other forms of creative expression are all our ways of using our gifts to connect to the source.

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by Kenzie Kazmer, September 8th, 2018

Feeling that presence and that connection is crucial to understanding our life paths, so tuning into that creativity within us is one way we can tap into our highest self.

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What is Creativity?

Creativity is:

“The ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, and interpretations.


What is Creativity to You?

There may be a different definition for everyone, because no one lives the same life or has the same thoughts. Some people might see creativity as only something that occurs when one is participating in an artistic expression such as art or music. But, creativity can actually start to sneak into our lives in more ways then we may know.

As problems pop into our lives, most times it takes a unique way of thinking to try to solve them. Let me give you an example. You might notice how certain people where you work can get promoted quicker than you. You might ask yourself why that would be? Maybe they are just better at coming up with unique ideas to solve the problem. But, the skill they’re utilizing isn’t some rare personality trait that only a select few have. They actually just have a good grip on how to employ their creativity, and then be able to use that skill to solve problems.

Creativity is a Skill

In a variety of jobs and workplaces, creativity is a necessary tool to be an efficient and productive employee. Creativity is actually a skill that anyone can have, we just have to learn how to locate that creativity muscle, and start to exercise it more and more.

To start, reflect on your day to day activities, and think about which of those moments stems from creativity.

  • How do you feel when you are in the flow of being creative?
  • Do you recognize if creativity is an effective tool in your life?

Asking yourself these sorts of questions can be helpful to learn how you can easily tap into your own personal form of creativity.

How do You find Creativity in Your Own Life?

If you really dig deep into what you do every day, you’ll notice when and where you feel the best throughout the day.

  • Is it sitting at your desk and writing?
  • Is it in at an easel with your next idea just buzzing at your fingertips?

These moments of bliss where we feel we can creatively express ourselves are the moments where we feel the most relaxed or even just the most us. These essential times where the stress of our lives isn’t at the forefront of our minds. These, which may seem simple to some, are the moments where we are tapping into who we really are.

Here’s the problem: Sometimes we aren’t giving ourselves the time and space needed to be able to implement creativity into our lives. If you find it hard to make time for the things that you enjoy, it might be useful to try to set aside specific times throughout your day and week. That will then give you even just five or ten minutes of time that is yours that can be dedicated to expressing yourself through creative means. An easy first step can be to just set a reminder that can alert you in case you forget when life gets busy, as it usually does. Then, using that creativity time can help generate a little stillness for you in a world that can seem chaotic.

Where does Creativity Come From?

Creativity can stem from going into our heart space.

‘Heart space is’, “an inner knowing. A knowing that cannot be explained, but felt. You feel light, free, expansive and alive. You don’t question why you are doing what you are doing, but you feel pulled to do it. Living from your heart space means listening to your feelings and understanding what they are telling you. It feels just right and aligned to who you are. It feels authentic.”

Kajal Pandey

When we’re not overthinking every moment and every thought in our head, but instead allowing ourselves to relax into a more free-flowing state of mind, that is when we are living in our heart space. 

Connecting to that energy that makes us feel the most like ourselves is so crucial to finding our life path and continuing down our individual soul journeys. If we aren’t coming from a heart space and don’t know who we are or what makes us happy, it can make tapping into any form of creativity difficult. If you’re cutting off that connection to your creativity, you could also be cutting off the connection to your highest self trying to connect with you. The source and our guides want us to be happy and want us to be heart space centered. When you are happy and you are able to tap into your joy on a daily basis, that raises your vibration and your frequency. 

“We need to bring in the heart center, and allow people to focus on what that means to them.”

Teresa Yanaros, Uncontrolled Narrative Documentary 2018

Creativity and Brain Waves

There is a lot of research being done right now about the effect that creativity has on the brain. The implication from the current research explains that creativity can help improve certain functions of the brain like,

“Long-term memory, concept construction, and the activation of the neural networks that are used when the brain processes information using the highest forms of cognition.”

Judy Willis M.D., M.Ed.

To break down more of the biological responses that occur with creativity, a recently published paper focusing on the interplay between creative ability and functional brain connectivity gave more of an in-depth analysis,

“Neurological signature of creativity, using sophisticated approaches to identify the neural network activity, the ‘brainprint’ as it were, which is associated with divergent thinking.”

‘Robust Prediction of Individual Creative Ability from Brain Functional Connectivity’ Beaty and Colleagues (2018) 

Being a divergent thinker can simply mean that you think differently. It doesn’t have a negative or positive connotation, but simply means thinking in a new way. For any new idea or innovation to occur, you have to think divergently, or creatively. To do or create something that has never been thought of or done before, you must first think in a way that hasn’t been thought of or done before.


Creativity can be an effective and important tool that is used to help elevate us in the ways that we think and the things that we do. When our thoughts and actions start to lift, then our vibration and frequency will lift as well. As our vibrations start to rise and we stay in that heart center, we can then tap into our highest selves. As we tap into that energy, we will continue to uncover who we really are and what we were put here to do.

And all of this can start just by learning how to tap into your own creativity and continuing to exercise and flex that creativity muscle.

“May your vibes shift the whole frequency of the room when you walk in.”

Kenzie Kazmer


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