(Sterling Nicole Bennett) I had the honor of attending the first ever SoulTech Gathering conference at the ECETI Ranch in Trout Lake, Washington the week of August 8th, 2018. It was a thought-provoking week filled with stimulating conversation, riveting workshops, and most excitingly of all: the nightly skywatch.

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by Sterling Nicole Bennett, September 4th, 2018

ECETI Ranch is famous for having a high amount of sasquatch sightings, as well as a consistent nightly stream of UFO’s visible to the naked eye. Some say this is possible due to the magnetic polarity of the nearby mountain, Mt. Adams, which may create the potential for interdimensional portals to appear.

It is heartwarming to see the community come together at events like Soul Tech to watch the stars and share stories. Participating in the workshops provided a refreshing atmosphere of engagement and interaction.




Jason Quitt’s workshop was one of my favorites. We sat outside under a tent and enjoyed the beautiful weather while Jason discussed some of the more recent events he has experienced. One thing that stood out to me is when he explained how his childhood trauma prepared him for his future. He discussed how life can be a training ground that prepares you for the great things you are meant to accomplish on earth.

Jason went on to discuss that we can tell when a portal is nearby if we hear music, or sense something like sirens calling to us. I asked Jason about his experience with portal mirrors. Jason discussed entering portals, that every planet represents a different dimension, and described these portals connecting in what he calls “The Great Spider’s Web.”

This particularly interested me, because I have been traveling through portals for as long as I can remember. For me, portals appear most often as mirrors in the dream state. I proceed to go inside the mirror and experience a sensation that can only be described as being “smeared” until I enter a new reality.  Recently during meditation, I’ve seen a repeating spider web shape around a black sun shape. Which, thanks to Jason Quitt, I now consider to possibly be a portal opening.

We went on to discuss when a person of Jewish faith passes away, the family members cover all the mirrors in the home for a period of time. One reason for this is to help prevent the spirit from going through the mirror portals and becoming confused or trapped.

Jason brought up the subject of healing. He asked, “What is the difference between healing and sorcery?” Everyone in the crowd looked around confused, unable to answer the question. Jason answered with, “Permission.” Many call themselves energy healers but do not ask permission to send healing energy to another being. By doing so, they are imposing on the person’s free will.




Holly Marie discussed generational trauma in her workshop. Generational trauma is the trauma your ancestors experienced that may have been passed down to you. Holly then led the attendees of the workshop into an intense guided meditation.

The visualization techniques Holly used in the meditation were very powerful. She took the group on a journey through a meadow and into a tree of their design. She later revealed that this tree represented our family tree. Holly instructed us to become open to receiving messages from our ancestors.

I don’t know much about my biological family because I am adopted, so the concept of meditating and calling on a DNA ancestor was especially intriguing to me.

Inside the tree, I opened myself up to receiving anything my ancestors wanted me to hear. Immediately, I was face to face with a dark-haired man with a short beard. He said to me, “Genocide.” This took me by surprise, but I continued pursuing. I told him he was safe and that I was there for him.

He continued in his strong British accent, “We didn’t know what we were doing. I’m sorry.” He repeated this a few times until Holly guided us all back into our bodies.

I was in shock at what had just happened. Did I really just connect with a blood relative involved in some sort of genocide?

After the meditation, the attendees shared what they saw, and Holly gave insightful feedback.

I asked Holly about the vision I received, and she asked me what emotions I felt from the man. I replied, “A strong sensation of grief, separation, and abandonment.” Holly helped me realize that these feelings I’ve had within myself could actually be passed on to me by my ancestors. This concept makes such intense feelings easier to transmute.

Holly then took us on another guided meditation, in which I was immediately swept away in what I now know as remote viewing.

Immediately I was met with a golden lion being, a common theme for those who attend ECETI Ranch. Throughout the meditation, I seemed to be one step ahead. Right as I would think something, Holly would say it.

I began seeing different rooms through my eyelids. The first, I was in the top corner looking down at a small crowd of people. They noticed me almost immediately and began reaching for me. Before their hands could touch me, I teleported to another scene. This repeated 4 or 5 times until I found myself looking down at a door with a large crystal door handle. Right as I began to reach to open the door, Holly guided us all back into our bodies.

When I shared my story, Holly said she believed the people looking up at me were my future ancestors looking to me to resolve the trauma so that they could be free of it. The powerful message hit me pretty hard.

The concept of generational trauma is awe inspiring. There is so much power in the realization that your pains and fears might not be your own, but instead passed down to you through your DNA. This creates a space to heal and transmute that trauma so that future generations don’t have to carry the same weight on their shoulders.



Dana Harvey of Modern Masters led a workshop on creating and honing your spiritual brand. She led the group through a personalized look at their businesses and gave each person individual one-on-one time to discuss what they needed to work on and what the next steps were to take.

Dana helped each of us determine our target audience. We learned how to overcome the challenges we face to assist our target audience in reaching their goals. It was incredibly helpful to be in a small group setting and receive individualized guidance and advice concerning such an important issue.

My favorite tip that Dana provided was a fill-in-the-blank adlib.

Our _____ helps _____, who want to _____ by _____ , and _____, unlike _____.

For example:

Our company helps children who want to learn how to read by providing teachers, and free books, unlike public or private schools.

This technique is beneficial when trying to create a value proposition, or summarizing your goal in one sentence. This assisted me with realizing specifics on how my planned projects can positively impact the community.




Last but not least, Teresa Yanaros of Divine Frequency gave two inspiring workshops. The first was all about the hero’s journey through the major arcana of the tarot, giving each of the attendees something tangible to tie back into their own lives.

Here is Teresa’s presentation on the Soul Transformation Through Tarot Archetypes presented at Eclipse of Disclosure.



My favorite part of Teresa’s Soul Transformation through Tarot Archetypes presentation was the way she tied different cards of the major arcana to varying ages of our lives. This really helped me understand exactly what the hero’s journey is by plugging in my own life experiences. I also appreciated the sensible explanation of how we go through cycles in life equated to the hero’s journey. Teresa took us back to moments in our lives in which we began a new period. We were able to see how accurate the cycle of the hero’s journey was in our own life changes.

The second event was a classroom-style workshop that explored each attendee’s own method of consciousness expansion. She taught a unique way of tapping into the magic of conscious awareness for processing information effectively. She gave in-depth philosophical training on the interplay between wisdom, discernment, and intuition. Her system provided the attendees with practical take-home knowledge to implement along their journey toward self-mastery and conscious development.

Teresa created worksheets for both of the workshops for the attendees to take home, which included slides from her talk and fill-in-the-blank questions for the attendees to tie what they learned back to situations in their life. I love worksheets because they give the audience a way to reflect on their past circumstances and rationalize past events to move forward into a new space with ease.




I met so many amazing new friends at the Soul Tech Gathering, as well as seeing so many familiar faces. When walking around ECETI Ranch, you can really feel the energy move beneath your feet. I had many fantastic conversations while walking on a path that stretched around the property, giving us a magnificent view of Mt. Adams as we discussed life’s mysteries. I had so many questions answered at Soul Tech and so many unexplainable occurrences that I could freely and openly discuss amongst peers. It is truly priceless to be in an environment which encourages honest conversation.

Thank you Modern Masters and Fade to Black Radio for organizing such a fantastic event.

If you attended Soul Tech Gathering or any recent conference, I would love to hear your stories! What was your experience like? What did you enjoy the most?


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