(Abby Cahoone) Awakening; a process many of us are undergoing as we learn more about why we are here and our own purposes and missions on this planet. One of the best ways to expand your consciousness and awareness is to learn from other like-minded people doing the same thing.

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by Abby Cahoone, September 3rd, 2018

We interviewed three speakers from the Soul Tech Gathering (held August 9-12, 2018) about their experiences at the event and perspectives about awakening to the greater realms and dimensions around us.

A Bit About Soul Tech.

Soul Tech Gathering hosted by Jimmy Church of Fade to Black Radio and the Modern Masters team, took place August 9-12, 2018 at ECETI Ranch in Trout Lake, Washington. The event included 13 speakers who gathered to speak, teach, and help others learn more about their own awakening. The lectures and workshops held gave attendees an opportunity to learn, explore, and truly dive into their own experiences in awakening, whatever that means to them.

Our Panel of Interviewees.

We are excited to introduce three of the speakers at the event, who graciously granted us deeper insights into their experience at Soul Tech. Enjoy!

Dana Harvey

One of the executive producers of the event, Creator of Modern Masters, “an online collaborative magickal learning community.” She empowers the individuals and small business that work with Modern Masters to forge clear, inspiring messages which are heart-centered and faithful to their vision. It is her joy to translate visions and ideas into powerful, beautiful, and uplifting brands.

Laura Cantu

Author and founder of Winterwolf Press. Cantu is also a co-creator of The Wanderer’s Handbook, an online community dedicated to educating and supporting Wanderers—those committed to waking up and assisting in the ascension process of Earth and her inhabitants. It is her mission to master what it really means to be human and to assist mankind in establishing a new reality of balance, peace, love, and understanding.

Matthew Ryan

Creator of Gama Wave Healing, a unique healing modality, named after his ability to enter into a Gamma State while facilitating healings. The over-arching principle of his work is to empower Humanity in becoming the Most Authentic Being that they can be.

How was your experience at SoulTech this year? What were some standout moments for you?


“As one of the Executive producers of Soul Tech, I was privy to a few behind-the-scenes moments that made the whole process of organizing such a conference truly gratifying

I love putting together people I admire, and Soul Tech was a chance to do just that. Thus, my favorite moments happened whenever I’d pass through one of the common rooms and catch parts of what were clearly beautiful conversations among some of the amazing thought-leaders in attendance. Soul Tech was all about creating the time and space for these kinds of inspiring conversations. I hope and expect that the partnerships formed at Soul Tech will shape the future of the paranormal and metaphysical community. ”


“SoulTech was magical! I didn’t have one “standout moment.” Instead, I had a multitude of treasured and enlightening moments that combined together to make the entire experience stand out.”


Wow, where to begin?  SoulTech was an amazing experience all the way through.  There were numerous highlights for me. I really enjoyed being able to spend so much time with the incredibly diverse group of attendees.  So many different people from different walks of life, all of whom were in their unique place on the pathway of awakening. So cool to be able to share what I have learned along the way.

Along those lines, it was so extraordinary to connect with all of the presenters who had been invited to participate at SoulTech. It was wonderful to be able to share perspectives with and to receive information from the other leaders. Many puzzle pieces were plugged in for me, confirming information that I had received, and my info confirmed pieces that they had received. Truly, an amazing experience in that regard, showing me that we are all unified in this moment as we explore and co-create reality.

Also, I was thrilled to be able to bring my 13-year-old son with me to the event. This was the first time that he has been able to travel with me to a conference, and he was utterly blown away. I was able to see him transform right in front of my eyes from the moment that we entered the Frequency Filed established at ECETI, and I am so grateful for that opportunity.

Perhaps the most amazing thing that I witnessed at the event was a UFO sighting during one of the Sky Watches. There were probably more than 100 people out there in the Field of Dreams, laid back observing the night sky. We had already seen dozens of Light Ships moving across the sky at that point. Some Powered-up, growing in luminosity rapidly from little pinpoints of light into large glowing balls of light, much brighter than any star or planet visible in the sky. This particular craft was moving along the Milky Way, from approximately South to North. Several people lased it with green lasers. Suddenly, it began to Power-up and people started getting excited. Suddenly, it dashed off to the north at incredible speed, much like a meteor streaking across the sky. In an instant, there was a blue-ish / white-ish flash of light in front of the craft, exactly like a portal opening, and then craft shot through it, disappearing from view. People who saw it began exclaiming loudly. It was exactly as if the Millennium Falcon had entered into a wormhole and traveled faster than light. Despite all of the experience I have viewing Light Ships in the night sky, I have never seen anything remotely as cool as that.”

When we come together for a common goal, like “awakening”, and expanding our consciousness, even though this can look vastly different for other people it’s pretty amazing that we are able to aid one another in the process. These three speakers brought very different aspects and ideas to the table and across the board came away feeling gratitude for the attendees they were able to help. It is remarkable what happens when a group of open minded people come together for a common goal.

One of the aspects of the conference experience allowed each attendee to deepen their awakening to the dimensions around us. What does that mean to you? Please share any insights about this you had during the event.


“Awakening to the dimensions around us” looks like different things to each individual In the context of Soul Tech, this awakening was facilitated through activations, meditations, readings, clearings, and shared stories.

I take the term ‘dimensions’ in it’s widest possible definition. So when I think of awakening to the dimensions around us, this can be achieved in innumerable ways; from learning to pay attention to the synchronicities flowing through everyday life, to understanding the emotions and intentions of animals, to feeling energetic shifts in the land under our feet. All are examples of the dimensions which surround us.

In my own experience through my stay at ECETI and by receiving clearings and activations at Soul Tech my senses have awakened to receive much more consistent input from the universe and my guides. Primarily, the experience strengthened my intuition and discernment in many areas – allowing me to trust the messages that now enter more freely.”


“To me, awakening to the dimensions around us is actually an inward journey.  The more we can peel back the layers of programming in order to reveal the truths of who we are, the more we become aware that nothing actually exists outside of us. We are all one and we have access to all parts of our being at all times.”


“One of the topics of discussion that I included in my workshops was the topic of Consensus Reality.  Consensus Reality speaks to an aspect of the nature of reality that is shaped by our agreements about the nature of reality.  It illustrates the power of our thoughts and our social agreements to create what is possible to be experienced in our world. An example that I used to explain this is that I had approached my Marine Biology professor in college and said, “You know, Mermaids are real!” he would have laughed and said, “Matthew, I think you need down the hall to the Mythology and Lore lecture…”  However, while I was visiting Peru 2 years ago, I met a man who had a photograph of a mermaid on his cell phone. He is a musician and was sitting along a river bank near Iquitos, Peru one day. As he played, he noticed a mermaid sitting on a rock behind him, combing her hair. He strummed a chord and slowly turned around with his phone and snapped a picture of her over his shoulder as she dove into the water, capturing her tail end above water.

In the Amazon, the people of this land understand that Mermaids, and many other aquatic beings, are as real as you and me.  Their reality is shaped (like ours) by the Consensus of the agreements as to what is real. Their Consensus Reality allows for a Mermaid to be real, therefore, they are real.

I saw this concept illustrated throughout the weekend at SoulTech.  James Gilliland and the numerous people who regularly live at ECETI have established a Frequency Field there that opens the Consensus Reality to more frequency.  Meaning, the spectrum of Frequency and Energy that is available for human perception has been Increased at ECETI. Numerous people had direct experience of Sasquatch Beings, myself included.  Lucid dreams were off the hook. Many people were receiving spontaneous insights and a deepened understanding of our world. I really was affected by this entire situation and feel that the vibrational field that we all were exposed to produced a permanent shift within our personal Frequency Fields, and this shift is going to assist us all in assisting humanity during the approaching times.”

Though the idea of deepening our awakening to the dimensions around us looks different, you will notice a key part all of these speakers talk about is the relationship we have with our own selves. There is so much to be gained from moving within and opening yourself up to the power you have within, and the power of the Universe at large.

What were some key points you spoke about you think are important for people to know?


“While at Soul Tech, I spoke about how to brand sacred projects or businesses. A core aspect of this discussion was about stepping into one’s purpose and power without being ego-driven. I find that many light-workers have difficulty making themselves understood or marketing their project because they don’t want to be egotistical. However, for most, this fear is misplaced. It’s time for lightworkers and star seeds to step into their soul projects without hesitation. It’s was my honor to help a few such workers do just that.”


“One of the key points Christine Contini and I spoke about and would like to emphasize is that everything comes from love, which is the truth of who we are. The more we live our truths, the more we master our humanity. Every one of us has a choice in each moment, and the choices we make either bring us closer to love and truth or closer to fear and delusion.

Living authentically and creating the lives we desire takes more effort than just performing creative visualizations, chanting mantras, and wishing upon stars. It takes work to balance all aspects of ourselves as we release obligations. It takes commitment and wisdom to properly care for our bodies. It takes courage to allow ourselves to be vulnerable and loving despite our circumstances. It takes perseverance to dig deep to uncover and transmute our false belief systems. And it takes compassion to be kind to ourselves and others throughout the process.

If we can just remember that everything comes from love and everything is love, we release the need for blame and victimization, and then we become the true masters of our lives.”


“I spoke about many different things at the conference, including the concept of Consensus Reality mentioned above.  Most of these topics were related to Frequency, Perception and specific techniques that we can use to increase our Energetic Access right now.  However, one thing that I feel is important to share right now relates to all of the changes we are seeing in our world now.

I have a friend who used to say, “If you’re not having fun, you’re not paying attention.”  I remember those words often these days. This is literally the most remarkable time to be alive ever.  This moment in time has been spoken about for thousands of years, among cultures from all around the world.  There is no accident that we are all living in this moment. In fact, there are very specific reasons that each and every one of us is incarnated here at this time.  There is a very special unique gift that we are all contributing to this world, regardless of whether or not you are consciously aware of that contribution in this moment.  Many people are sharing that they are experiencing intense energies now. Many of these intensities are manifesting in their lives are old patterns of energy, or perhaps old wounds that seem to be resurfacing.

I see this as a perfectly aligned manifestation of energies, designed in a way to bring forward to final little pieces of Distortion that resides within our field.  These Distortions are like little packets of energy, stored away in our field like a “zip file,” and what is happening now is that the Universal Energy that is flooding our world is supporting us by “unzipping” these Distortions and when they are unzipped, whoa, a whole intensity of experience unfolds into our life.  We get triggered, we experience discordance, we wonder what the heck is going on.

These moments are actually a tremendous gift that is being offered to us.  We are not just re-creating the Distortion in our life. We are not just caught in a pattern of repeated suffering.  We are, in fact, unzipping these Distortions and through the experiencing of them and our Conscious Recognition and response, we allow them to be permanently released from our Field.

This is such an incredible moment and we are all in this moment together, consciously healing ourselves and bringing forward a new reality that we came here to create.”

A big takeaway I have here from these 3 is in moving out of a fear-based mindset and towards a more loving one. The ideas of fear and love are very big driving factors in everyone’s life, moving more towards a heart-centered mindset rather than a lackful a fear-based one is extremely helpful in aiding not just your awakening process but your life in general. In addition to that, connecting to the power that you have within yourself. We all have an immense power that goes unnoticed the majority of the time and by going within to uncover it you lift veils of illusion and distortion and come away with some pretty epic insights.

About Modern Masters

“Modern Masters is an online collaborative magickal learning community. We use the best of game mechanics to make sticking with a spiritual path of learning easier and more rewarding.

For example, one could log on and decide to learn more about magical protection. From there, you’d take a series of interactive courses that would teach different aspects of magical protection – you’d learn things like shielding, warding, clearing, cleansing, defending, closing portals, etc. As you progressed, you’d earn points and credits, your game avatar would level up, you might choose to form a team with others learning protection magic, and the practices, themselves would become more challenging.

By the time you completed your courses, you’d be very adept in this particular area of magic, and could decide to move on and learn new areas in order to enhance your power. So, though we use game mechanics like points and game avatars, the magical practices one learns throng Modern Masters are very real.

So the goal of Modern Masters at it’s most basic level is to allow all of us to awaken to our innate powers, then enhance them through regular, engaging practice. By allowing an entry point for more people to explore magic and uncover their hidden human powers, we hope to contribute to the broader process of planetary awakening.

Along with this general goal, we hope to support those advanced light workers and star-seeds that area already on earth and doing deep work to assist our awakening and evolution. Through creating a sacred network where such beings can find fellowship, teach others, and share their stories we hope to support them, amplify their voices, and bring about a more profound awakening process in our sphere.”

About The Wanderer’s Handbook

“WanderersHandbook.com is a community that offers support to those who are struggling through the awakening and ascension process. Many people have extraordinary gifts, but not all people know how to use them safely.  Likewise, many people would like to actively participate in helping with the ascension process of our people and of the earth, but don’t know where to start.  WanderersHandbook.com offers courses, webinars, events, forums, and more to help individuals overcome their struggles and level-up itheir skills and mastery.  Likewise, it is a platform where people can share experience and ideas to actively participate in the ascension that is currently taking place. WanderersHandbook is a home for those who came to earth to help.”

About Gamma Wave Healing

I am super grateful that my healing modality Gamma Wave Healing has been activated within me, or perhaps even given to me.  I have found it to be an ever-expanding access point for facilitating energy work and gaining new insights. I recently had an exchange with a friend who is an extraordinary scientist and researcher in South Africa, focusing on energetics and some specific situations that I have been working with to assist a couple of clients.  I’ll let her powerful words speak for themselves as to why I am grateful for Gamma Wave Healing, and to what extent this modality can assist people today:

“Now since Gamma Wave Energy is the energy and the information from which reality comes, it is possible for you yourself to use this energy to reprogram physical reality and DNA. You have the capacity to transmute DNA of a single individual from dis-ease to health. You therefore have the capacity to transmute the DNA in these distortions from whatever form they are in to a completely benign form. Or even back to zero-point energy (or non-physical) completely.


Therefore as technology they have no greater power at all than you have. In fact, the very fact that (the Distortions) can be transmuted (technologically), is a very clear indication to you that you too can transmute them – easily.”


I am so very grateful to be alive in this moment, and I am so excited to see what we as an awakening humanity are capable of creating.  I believe with all of my Being that we are on the cusp of a renaissance that this world has never known. I see the modality that I practice as one manifestation into the Field that humanity is finally return to its rightful place as Sovereign Beings care-taking this exquisite world.  The material and spiritual technologies involving Sound and Light Frequencies will lead our way into this new reality and I am honored to be participating in the adventure.”


The process of awakening can be intense. There is a lot to go through, learn, and uncover. However, as you can see here, other people can be a huge asset and resource to your own awakening. Even if your process of uncovering your own truth looks different than another’s it’s good to know there are people out there who can help and support you. That support and knowledge were ever present at the Soul Tech gathering, as you can tell from the experiences our interviewees had.

“Own your Power, Own your Frequency”

Abby Cahoone


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