(Sterling Nicole Bennett) Join Sterling Nicole Bennett and Justin Deschamps in a riveting conversation about how we can create change in the world and the way you can use research as a tool for discernment.

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By Sterling Nicole Bennett, August 15th, 2018



About The Author

Sterling Nicole Bennetta writer for Divine Frequency and a millennial on a mission to shine a light on the astral world, was born with a vivid pre-birth memory. She continues to experience frequent astral encounters involving interdimensional portals, repeating simulations, departed family members, and more. Her goal is to help others discover the keys they need to unlock their own door to the astral plane. Sterling believes in order to truly understand the astral plane, you must experience the magic for yourself. She hopes to help bridge the gap between mainstream depictions of the astral realms and the truth of what is really out there.

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