(Abby Cahoone) It feels so good to have a place in your life where you thrive in your own energy, especially after a particularly long or stressful day. Your sacred space will be a place of solace and divine connection for you, so it is important to make it as aligned with your own energy, truth, and power as possible.

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By Abby Cahoone, July 30th, 2018

Making this Space an Extension of Yourself.

Your sacred space is your sanctuary, it is a place you will be able to return to and connect to your own divine energy. Because of this, you are going to want to make the area you have chosen an extension of yourself.

During this week you are also going to decorate and add to your sacred space items that make you feel empowered and connected to your intention of the space. You will:

  • Explore what helps connect you to your own divinity, source, the Universe, God (whatever you are comfortable with calling that higher power).
  • Collect items from nature and personal items to use in your space.

What Makes an Item Sacred?

Since we have explored what makes a place sacred or holy, now is the time to think about the things you put in said area. 

In churches and other holy places, you may find an altar as a place for meditation, ritual, and prayer. These will hold your different objects in your space if you decide to take on. An altar may be decorated with candles or crosses, in the pagan religion and Shamanic traditions they will decorate their altar with crystals, stones, and other items from nature.

“It is a place to hold your prayers and intentions, as well as to focus your love and connection to Spirit. An altar is a place of non-ordinary reality held within ordinary reality. Altars are for your spiritual mind and soul heart to merge with your personality. Whether communal or personal, altars help to anchor your focus on Spirit, love, faith and possibility.”

Katherine Skaggs (Center for Shamanic Education and Exchange)

You may decide to make an altar inside of this “zen zone” you are creating, or you may decide that just having a few select items without needing them in a certain place resonates well for you. Remember, this is your area to cultivate and enhance!

Step 1: Brainstorming ideas for Objects

Sit in your now established sacred space and write down things you feel would help amplify its energy. Some ideas for you to get you started:

  • Crystals can help increase the vibration and cleanse the energies in a room or in your being.
  • Sage bundles (when burned) can help remove toxins of the room and in your being, increase your spiritual awareness, and help purify the energy of the space.
  • Stones and other items in nature can help connect you to Mother Earth, helping to feel grounded and secure. Some like to have all elements represented in their sacred space (Earth, Air, Fire, and Water)
  • Crosses, statues of the Buddha, or any other holy relics can help you feel a stronger connection to your religion if that is something you resonate towards.
  • Empowering quotes may be good to keep in your area to remind you of just how powerful you are and the connection to the Divine that you always have available to you.

Write down what inspires you, motivates you, and makes you feel connected to your “Higher self” and the Divine.  After you do this take a look at what you’ve written and make a list of things you need to collect for your sacred space or altar.

Step 2: Collect the Items from Step 1

This step may take the entire week, and that’s perfectly okay! Remember you can always add to this ever-growing creation. It can continue to expand just as you do over time! Go out in nature and collect what you need, visit a metaphysical store and pick up some crystals, find some empowering quotes and print them out to put around your space.

Step 3: Decorating the Space to make it your Own

After having collected everything take some time to sit in the energy of the space and see where each item is best suited. Follow your intuition and any energetic insights you receive. One great exercise to try when doing this is sitting in silence holding one of your objects. Feel into the energy it gives off and connect to it. Then look around your space and select the best space for the energy of this object. You may find a crystal is best suited to be right in front of you, or maybe a sage bundle burning is perfect on a shelf above you, use your own judgment for this. This way you are energetically decorating as well as physically decorating this area for yourself.

You may find as you revisit this spot that different relics will suit you better in other places, feel free to move anything as you need to in this area if this happens! Certain meditations may require adding or taking things away from the space for a time, again use your best judgment and intuition to make these decisions.

Step 4: Reflection

After you have spent a week going over what will aid you in your sacred space it’s time to grab your journal and answer the following questions:

  • What feelings do I get from different objects I have decided to put in this space?
  • Is there an object I feel very connected to and will use as a focus object (to hold or gaze at) during meditations?
  • The objects you have chosen are special and important, what is the importance of each one? (You will be able to re-visit your analysis here in the future for specific meditations. This is a great list to refer to).

When we create a sacred space outside of ourselves and bridge the relationship between the space and self, it will enhance the sacred space and connection we have with the core of ourselves and the Universe.

“Own your Power, Own your Frequency”

-Abby Cahoone


Katherine Skaggs (Center for Shamanic Education and Exchange)


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