(Abby Cahoone) When starting a meditation practice, having a calm, centered, and safe space to meditate freely without distractions is key. Throughout the day we are bombarded with stimulation (both positive and negative) from the outside world, in your sacred space, you will be able to unplug from that and plug into your own energy space.

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By Abby Cahoone, July 23rd 2018

A High Vibrational Space for you.

This space of divine energy is just that- yours. It is going to be a special place just for you to reconnect with your own self during meditation. Each person may hold different spaces “sacred” for different reasons and this is what you will be exploring during this next week, finding out what is special or sacred to you and establishing it for your meditation practice.

There are sacred places all across the globe; The Batu Caves in Malaysia, Boudhanath in Nepal (a Buddhist place of pilgrimage), Mahabodhi tree in India (where the Buddha is suspected to have found enlightenment, The Great Mosque of Mecca in Saudi Arabia, and so many others. These sanctuaries have stood the test of time and are still a place of great worship for so many people.

Over the long pageant of civilizations — endlessly rising, falling, and rising again — one phenomenon has remained constant in the background: the continuing use of the power places by one culture after another. Prehistoric and historic cultures have come and gone, yet the power places have exerted a spiritual magnetism that transcends human time. The great religions of the historical era — Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam — have each taken over the sacred places of earlier cultures and made them their own.

Martin Gray (Sacredsites.com)

The people who established these sacred places around the world paid attention to the power the places held, some were beautiful on their own, others had large beautiful structures built for worship. Your own sacred space may be beautiful on its own, it may be a special place by a lake or somewhere else in nature. Or your sacred space may be a special room or space with positive energy that you decorate with powerful and beautiful pieces of your own to help you connect to your own personal power.

What Makes a Space Sacred?

“Holy places have always been essential to the proper worship of God. For Latter-day Saints, such holy places include venues of historic significance, our homes, sacrament meetings, and temples. Much of what we reverence, and what we teach our children to reverence as holy and sacred, is reflected in these places. The faith and reverence associated with them and the respect we have for what transpires or has transpired in them make them holy. The importance of holy places and sacred space in our worship can hardly be overestimated.”

Elder Dennis B. Neuenschwander (lds.org)

The holy places of the world became established because the people could recognize that the power of the place helped them feel connected to what they worshiped or believed in. This is a good time to think about what your space wants to represent, the power you want it to hold. It doesn’t have to connect you to God or a religion, but the idea of the sacred space is that it does help you connect to yourself and your own true divinity (however that is represented for you).

Now is Your Turn to Create a Sacred Space for Yourself.

This week you will be focusing on the space where you hold your meditation practice, your own sacred space. This week, you will;

  • Locate or Designate a Sacred Space for your own meditation practice.
  • Get familiar with the energy of your Sacred Space.

A Space of Your Very Own.

This week you are going to find a space to call your own. It may be large or small, it may be in your home or outside, but this is a space that you may return to whenever needed to clear the mind and open yourself up to your own wisdom and the wisdom of the Universe, Source, God, (or whatever that “higher power” is to you).

Step 1: Locate or Create a Comfortable Space in your Home or Community you can go to and Not Be Disturbed. 

This should be a space that you truly enjoy being in. It may hold some sentimental value or just feel generally “powerful”, but you will want to make sure the general energy of the area feels good, uplifting, positive, etc. It is important to find a space to not be disturbed because you will want to dedicate your time here to yourself and your meditation practice. A space with people coming in and out, near a busy street, or where you get many interruptions won’t be conducive to meditating. Ideally, you want a spot that elicits a calm yet powerful feeling. If you can’t find a completely quiet space, you can always make sure you meditate with earphones on to cancel out the excess noise and distractions.

Step 2: Get a Journal to keep in your Sacred Space.

You will want this on hand for this first week in your sacred space and to keep in case you receive meditative insights.

Step 3: Set the Intention of the Space.

“An intention is a directed impulse of consciousness that contains the seed form of that which you aim to create. Like real seeds, intentions can’t grow if you hold on to them. Only when you release your intentions into the fertile depths of your consciousness can they grow and flourish.”

Deepak Chopra

Setting the intention of your sacred space is important, otherwise, it’s just any old spot in your home or in the community. After you select and designate this space or room as your sacred space, set the intention; “this is my sacred space, a place for me to pause, reflect, calm my energy, empower myself, connect to the divine, *or anything else that comes to mind*”. You may even want to dedicate the first page of your journal to this intention to always remind you what you are using this space for.

You will find setting the intention of your own divine space makes a world of difference just in the energy it holds. With our intentions, many believe we shape our world, intending for your space to be a high energy place of growth and contemplation may help you, while in this space, feel more stable and grounded in what you want it to be.

Step 4: Get to Know your Sacred Space, Visit it Daily.

For this first week, visit your altar or special spot at different times of the day for at least 15 minutes and during different moods. You may find that when you are stressed out, this space may offer a calming feeling for you. When you are feeling calm and at ease, this space may amplify that making you feel even more at home. You also want to pay attention to any powerful feelings or insights you may get in this space. Write down what you notice in your journal.

Step 5: Conduct Analysis.

Now that you have spent the week getting to know your sacred space and what this looks like for you it is time for reflection.

In your journal answer the following questions.

  • What is “sacred” to me and helps me feel at home with myself?
  • What does this area represent to me?
  • Is there a time of the day that works best for me to visit my sacred space?
  • What is the overall feeling of my sacred space and why is it that important to me?

This area that you have selected holds a lot of power and will be very beneficial to your meditation practice. Remember it is a safe place you can visit whenever you need to chill out, relax, meditate, and most importantly, connect to your own divine energy and the energy of the Universe, God, Source (whatever you are comfortable calling it). Next week we will explore cultivating this area by finding powerful items to put in it!

Own your Power, Own your Frequency

-Abby Cahoone



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