by Teresa Yanaros, June 24th, 2018

Disclosure is the uncovering of what is hidden, throughout the world and within ourselves. In order to unlock the empowerment from within, you must dive deep into the waters of consciousness and uncover the light inside your heart. Upon waking up to the higher mission in your soul, you can begin to change the world, as we work to manifest a positive reality in this existence.

A Musician For Truth

Brett Larsen, a musician of the band “Inquire Within” is dedicated to spreading the truth to the masses. Stay tuned for the huge announcement that he drops later in this article! His latest music video, “Universe in My Head,” released June 8th, 2018 and produced by Wooden Hand Productions, tells a story of waking up to the realities of the world and stepping into personal sovereignty, letting go of fear and taking on the world with fervor and fortitude.

“Emanations of the source field/ Creatures of self-creation/ Be together in mind/ No longer drained by hate”

Positive Subliminal Messaging

I came across his music video and discovered that he is using subliminal messaging to combat the negative messages seeded into the mass media by the Satanic control constructs that seek to keep the world asleep and enslaved.

Notice the time stamping of 3:04, when Inquire Within seeds the names of various alternative media projects into the video, in order to demonstrate movement toward personal empowerment. What a way to combat the cabal! We need more musicians and visionaries like Larsen, an active advocate for disclosure.

Projects Mentioned:

Stillness in the Storm

An Agent of Consciousness Evolution.

The Black Vault

Exposing government secrets… one page at a time.

Divine Frequency

Divine Frequency is dedicated to providing high-level spiritual perspectives on a wide range of relevant topics in the media. Divine Frequency seeks to assist with the global evolution of co-creative consciousness through empowerment of each individual.

Full Disclosure Project

The Full Disclosure Project is a non-profit collective of transparency advocates focused on the release of advanced and improperly classified technologies that could immediately bring an end to the needless suffering of many, as well as an increased level of peace, prosperity and equality for people around the world.

Sirius Disclosure

Unacknowledged. The Campaign that Ends Illegal UFO & Free Energy Secrecy!


Hosted and managed by researcher Doctor Michael Salla, the site currently hosts or links to over 4000 pages of my scholarly research, commentaries and news blog articles.

Cosmic Co-Creation

Learn to remote view and influence. Create (Y)our Future

Collective Evolution

We (CE) believe in creating change by raising consciousness and thinking outside the box. We aim to challenge the current status quo by shaking up how we currently think about the world. We encourage and inspire each other to take action with the goal of bringing to life a bright future for us all. Positive and heartfelt journalism is a big part of what we do.

Blue Avians

A truly remarkable insider and whistleblower, Corey Goode comes forward to give accurate information about what is going on behind the scenes of the secret military space program, the secret government and their development of the industrialization of our solar system.

NOTE: There are 18 more hidden references to consciousness movements in the video. Can you find them? Join the search, then join the Divine Frequency Facebook Group to join the conversation.

Who is Brett Larsen?

Today, we are going behind the scenes, for a closer look into the world of “Inquire Within” and its mastermind, Brett Larsen.

“Inquire Within” is Brett Larsen’s solo music project and platform for all the “disclosure” related projects. He does interviews with influencers in the ET disclosure world and is in the process of making his own show. Check out his YouTube channel Inquire Within.

For his 2017 debut album, “Universe In My Head” he partnered with 15 other musicians from all around the world, including musicians who have performed in the bands; Megadeth, The Devin Townsend Project, Soilwork, Six Feet Under, Chimaira, Dying Fetus, The Julliard Symphonic Orchestra and many more international acts.

Lyrically this album follows Larsen’s journey of exploration through spirituality, ET experiences, questioning reality and government, losing spirituality, losing loved ones and the journey back to happiness. For this album he partnered with the charity, “Trees For The Future” and with the help of fans, over 10,000 trees were planted in Africa. Musically it ranges from psychedelic acoustic, orchestral and extreme metal.

Trees for the Future. Change your thoughts and your reality will follow. Music to raise consciousness and heal the planet.

A Deeper Look

Larsen graciously agreed to let us in on his life and operations of his project. As you guys know as a part of the Divine Frequency community, we have a multitude of musicians and artists dedicated to truth and disclosure as well! I wanted to share this story, and allow Larsen’s voice and experience of the Great Work to ring through the hilltops to serve as a reminder that each and every one of us has an incredibly important mission. Larsen actively chooses to use his gifts and talents to promote unity consciousness and encourage the expansion of mind and soul. If you want to be a part of the movement, come on over to the Divine Frequency Art and Music Project and check out how you can get involved.

Without further adieu, here we go!

Tell us the story of how you started “Inquire Within.”

The idea to start “Inquire Within” happened back in 2013 after my previous Death Metal band had broken up after a strong run. I got the name from the lyrics I had written for my song, “Becoming Human” and the name fit perfectly with the inner work I was doing for myself and encouraging others to do. This was initially a project with me doing the singing and members of past bands doing most of the guitar. We had decided that we wanted to try something new other than heavy music; initially “Inquire Within” was going to be all acoustic. Around this time, I had gone through some events that led me to go down a more esoteric path and I got much deeper into the world of disclosure. After a few songs we realized we can’t limit ourselves to any style or genre; that is why almost every song is a completely different genre from the next. I don’t think anyone can label “Inquire Within” accurately and I want to keep it that way. It was a slow start but that was good, I needed time to relearn and experience the world I had come back to. I needed to remember some of my past experiences and have new experiences to write the lyrics I needed to write.

What is the purpose/goal of your band?

I have many purposes and goals for, “Inquire Within.” I feel the biggest purpose I have given the project is to be a “bridge.” My audience is very split between people who resonate with the message and people who resonate with the music. For the people who just enjoy the music, my goal is to write things in a way that will make them curious to research the topics I sing about. My songs are filled with references to Corey Goode and David Wilcock’s show, “Cosmic Disclosure.” Many sections of songs were written while watching Wilcock’s show, “Wisdom Teachings.” Dr. Greer’s documentary, “Sirius,” played a big role in the lyrics. That documentary taught me about CE-5 and my life changed once I learned about that. CE-5 is, “Close Encounters of the 5th kind, Human Initiated Contact.” During the writing of my music, I have had many successful CE-5 sessions. Being able to prove to myself and see for myself that consciousness is infinite and ET’s can interact with us changed my life. Once I reopened myself to connecting beyond the 3-D world the memories I got back and the downloads I received have put me on a journey that will not stop.

I also want my music to be a bridge for those who are stuck in dark places whether it be mentally, physically or spiritually and help them help themselves out of it. Some of my lyrics were written when I was in the darkest places I have been; but I also share how I got out of those places and anyone can get out of those places.

Another gap I want to bridge is religion, spirituality and those who don’t care for that stuff. I’ve gone from Atheism to Satanism to the ever-evolving state I am at now. There is more common ground in all these places than most want to recognize. When I was in college I put a big focus on Theology and World Religion. In my music I try to put all these things in there without it seeming pushy or preachy in any sense; but all the roads I have been down lead me to here and I have never been happier or more fulfilled.

Bridging people’s acceptance of music is a goal as well. My parents raised me on the good stuff like Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Metallica, Godsmack, Pink Floyd and Zeppelin. When I got to my teenage years I became what some call a “Metal Elitist.” Basically, I wouldn’t listen to anything if it wasn’t the heaviest most brutal music in existence like Cannibal Corpse, Lamb Of God, Behemoth, Whitechapel, Carnifex, etc. The heavier stuff is still my favorite stuff, but I have grown to love most styles of music. I have grown as a person and majorly grown as a musician by opening to all the styles. I never thought I would enjoy making music that sounds “pretty” or take opera lessons. Song to song on my album it goes from Acoustic to Rock to Extreme Metal and everywhere in between. By doing this I know there are going to be plenty of people that don’t like my albums all the way through. Some metal heads won’t like my chill stuff and others won’t understand what is going on with the metal. So, I have music for everyone to love and hate haha. For a long time, I couldn’t stand listening to the really heavy music but once my ears adjusted to understand all the madness going on, I was hooked. If someone listens to my album they will be introduced to some styles they have probably never heard.

What is your vision for where you are headed?

LIVE! It has been killing me not having a live line-up to do performances with, that’s one of the best parts of writing music! That is all on me though, I’ve grown to really enjoy the security of having this be a solo project. All the time I get asked, “when are you playing a show over here and over there?” It is soul crushing to answer with, “I don’t know.” In the near future I want to hunt down a drummer to join the band and have this be either a 2 or 3-piece live band. It would be fairly unrealistic for me to have a full live line-up with all the orchestral pieces and odd sounds in my songs. So, the plan is to have a drummer, me singing and playing guitar or bring in a guitarist to take that over so I can run around on stage more, everything else can be run through backing tracks.

I also have expanded, “Inquire Within” away from just being a music project. It has become its own multimedia platform. I don’t want to be known as just a musician, there are so many other ways to reach people and connect. I have been writing and planning an online show for a long time; it will be disclosure based and cover all the topics that disclosure platforms cover but I have some ideas to have it be its own unique corner in the disclosure world. On top of that I have started doing interviews with influencers in the disclosure world to help introduce my audience to these topics. I have a platform full of people that haven’t fully been introduced to this wild world of disclosure, so I want to in video format introduce them to the people that inspired my lyrics. I want to start writing articles on these topics and opening to the world about the spiritual and contact experiences that have led me to where I am; Onstellar will likely be the platform I do that through.

For those of you who have found, “Inquire Within” for the prank videos I did earlier this year, I’ll be bringing those back once I finish up some more of my serious projects.

Give us a “Day in the Life of” your musical project.

My day in the life of, “Inquire Within” is waking up and spending far too many hours in front of a computer screen, responding to messages and creating. I am obsessed with learning and writing. My priority is keeping a healthy balance for my kids and being present and engaged in their lives. Outside of that it is writing music, writing scripts and manifesting the life I want. I am very lucky to be in a relationship with someone who fully encourages and supports everything I do and she helps snap me out of work mode to get me outside and enjoy the things I write about.

What is the most important message that you have to share with the world?

Teresa you are hitting me with a tough question here! My answer is a cheesy one, “Life is Love.” I think everything I write can come back around to that whether it be in my music or videos. Now don’t take this as me saying that I write love songs. What I am saying is that love is the source of creation, love is the reason I do what I do. As much as humanity pisses me off and it can be easy to dwell in the darkness of this world; I love humanity and I believe in it. I think most everyone who has taken the risk to be a public figure in the “disclosure” world is doing it for the sake of love. Of course, there are the people who don’t have a positive intent, but those people will fade away. The mass awakening happening on this planet right now is profound, the dinosaur media portrays much of it as darkness but really it is people who love humanity shining a light and exposing the darkness. Cleaning it out of our system. I am documenting the love and evolution of humanity with music.

What, in your opinion, is the meaning of life?

Growth. We are here to learn and grow. We are humans! To me that is awesome that we have the opportunity to be human. The complexity and simplicity of our hearts and minds is amazing. We came here to grow into the best we can be, the most growth comes through loving others and loving yourself. Life is Love.

Tell us your awakening story.

From my earliest memories I have had an obsession with all things ET related. In elementary school my parents had gotten me a book that briefly and simply talked of Roswell, Crop Circles and abductions. All the toys I wanted were ET related. In elementary school I used to draw comics of ET’s, even teachers would give me ET toys because of my obsession. In my early teen years I became aware of things like, “The Bohemian Grove”, “Bilderberg” and the darker fear based side of the disclosure world. Daily I would read about the sinister depopulation agendas and false flag plans. I started reading into money aspect of war and “alternative” reasons for why our country has been in so many. All of that had given me a very negative view of humanity for a long time. In high school my ET interest had come back, partly because UFO videos were popping up in the suggested video feed when I was watching other “conspiracy” videos. My friends and I spent hours every day watching UFO videos. In high school I came across the work of Zechariah Sitchin and read much of his work. Throughout my high school years I was very much into The Church of Satan and all the books that Anton LaVey had written. Shortly after high school I came across Dr. Greer’s “Disclosure Project” and started waking up to the cover up side of the UFO phenomenon. In college I started taking all sorts of World Religion classes and the walls of my spiritual beliefs, or lack of spiritual beliefs started breaking down.

It was the end of 2012 that the biggest part of my awakening happened. My grandfather’s health was going downhill. A couple weeks before his passing I had visited him in the hospital; he was a 33rd degree Freemason and I had never talked to him about anything to do with Freemasonry. In the hospital I asked him if there was anything he could tell me. All he said was, “All I can say is never trust the pope.”

A couple weeks later I had a gut feeling that today was the day he would go, so that morning I went to his house. He seemed very happy that day, like his mind was already somewhere beautiful. Throughout that day I wrote the lyrics for my song, “I Still See You.” That evening he stood up and told us that it was time for him to go, so my father and I helped him to his bed. When the process of departing started to happen, I laid in the bed with him and the things I started saying weren’t things that I would normally say. Transcendental concepts that I had not been introduced to started auto flowing out of me, to comfort him as he started his next journey. The combination of watching a loved one pass and the shock to my system of saying things that didn’t seem to come from me through me into hard place to get out of.

After my grandfather’s passing, I started to research the things I said to him and practicing meditation. That led me to find Robert Lanza’s book, “Biocentrism” and many of Dr. Dean Radin’s books. Not long after all of that, I came across Dr. Steven Greer’s documentary, “Sirius”. “Sirius” slammed me into the world I’m in today. This is how I was introduced to the spiritual and conscious aspects of “disclosure.” Practicing CE-5 and meditation gave me some profound and life changing contact experiences and helped me remember things from my past. This is when I started, “Inquire Within.” This is when I was introduced to David Wilcock, Coast To Coast am, Fade To Black and many others. This is when my mind and soul went into overdrive.

Tell us about the role music plays in waking up the sleeping masses.

Music is a double-edged sword for this, many artists use it to help people “wake up” to all sorts of different subjects; but it is also one of the biggest weapons used to push people down into a corrupt system and mindset. Music is incredibly powerful, especially to the youth. Music is what millions of young people use to help them get through tough times, they attach to bands and musicians. Thankfully I would say that most artists are people genuinely expressing themselves or singing about something they are passionate about. Some of my favorite bands from my youth use music to expose greed, corruption and connect with personal hardships like, System of a Down, Marilyn Manson and Korn.

What is music’s role in brainwashing the masses, and what can we do to put an end to this tragedy?

Unfortunately, the falling powers caught onto the power music has on the youth and they started pumping the airwaves full of garbage promoting money, crime and overly sexualizing women. Subliminal messages are scattered throughout the lyrics and music videos. It is sad seeing art used with ill intent. Some people might not even intend to do harm with their music, they underestimate their own power. One of my favorite Marilyn Manson quotes is, “Music is the strongest form of magic.” With the crash of the music industry and the rise of bands getting known through the internet, I feel that more positive messages are being heard. Some ways that people can help put an end to these tragedies of the music industry is to support bands that are making a difference and take support away from those who aren’t. I need to clarify something with that though; music isn’t supposed to all be for awakening, there is a time and a place for nearly all music for different people. Stop listening to music stations that put out garbage, make your own Spotify radio station and fill it with the bands you want to hear and then the Spotify algorithms will find you more music like that. Something not many people realize, Death Metal has a huge role in awakening. Most people relate Death Metal to Satanism; but some of the most beautiful and intelligent lyrics I have ever heard come from Death Metal bands. Every metal head needs to check out the album, “The Way Of All Flesh” by “Gojira.”

What is the role of symbolism in music and art- how does it affect the collective consciousness?

Symbolism is of key importance with all forms of art. Symbolism can be interpreted by each listener or viewer differently and many times the mind will interpret the symbol as something you need to put attention towards. To me symbolism in music and art is very similar to Tarot cards. When you are getting a Tarot reading done only you can see how the card relates to your current situation in life. Every time you get that card it could mean something different because your situation is different. How music and art resonates with you is also dependent on what is going on in your outer and inner world. So, symbolism affects the collective consciousness by affecting the individual and then that individual sharing that experience with others and it all grows from there.

Tell us about the music video, “Universe In My Head,” the idea behind it, the making of, your goal with it, the reception after publishing.

“Universe In My Head,” that music video is the closing chapter to my efforts towards my debut album. Lyrically I think it is the most important song I have on that album and musically it blends multiple genres. It is a song about realizing and coming to terms with the fractal nature of reality and that we are all emanations of the source field. It is also a song of triumph; I truly believe that we are finally on the winning side of the fight against corruption and the end of the Cabal/ Illuminati. Some of the key lyrics in that song are. “Disclosure is trickling, the flood is near,” and “Look at the sky feel harmony, look at the sky so we can see, life is love vibrating.”

My goal for this music video was to make it a disclosure bomb. There are a lot of hidden messages and symbols throughout the video. In the video a couple times there are papers that say, “Pause, Read, Investigate” and I really hope people do that. I have government documents and images that overlay the video at certain parts, so if people constantly pause and investigate scene by scene there are some important things they will come across. I also typed up some papers from notes I took while watching “Wisdom Teachings” and “Cosmic Disclosure” and put the papers in the video. In a couple parts if people pause at the right time there is a list that shows some of the sources that have been very important to my journey of finding the truth and exposing corruption. The lists go by quick, but that was intentional; it wouldn’t be a very entertaining music video if it was just documents to read and papers, so they come and go quick in the background. I think that adds to the fun of it too, it’s a challenge I gave to my fans to try and find everything. The guys from, “Wooden Hand Productions” did a great job at taking my ideas and lyrics and turning it into a short film of suspense, action and transcendence. Thankfully they also were open to all my input of putting the documents and hidden symbols in the video. My goal for this video is the same as my core goals, I just want it to be a bridge that connects people to new ideas but also the sources that led me to those ideas. There is even a hidden shout out to, “Divine Frequency” in the video haha. The reception has been awesome so far, on Facebook it is still being shared and the views are still climbing.

Where can we find you next? What are the next plans for you this year and beyond?

I have been very excited for this question. Where can you all find me next?


SOULTECH! Here is my official announcement that my new EP will be released at the closing ceremony of SoulTech Conference at ECETI Ranch in Trout Lake , Washington. The event takes place August 9th-12th, 2018. Get your tickets now. Today I am heading to the recording studio and finishing the vocal tracks, the clock is ticking but I’ll have it ready for you all.

I plan on giving it out for free to every person there. Things have really come full circle for me with this, getting to celebrate the release of my new music with some of the people who inspired the lyrics is humbling and insanely exciting. The songs coming out on my, “Samvartaka Fire EP” are vastly different than anything heard on my album, “Universe In My Head.” I’m excited and nervous haha, these songs are weird.

My other plans are to finish my next full length album, get more serious about doing interviews with people, start filming my show and bombard my audience with disclosure like there is no tomorrow. Finally take the time to find some live members and get back out on the road! When I finish some of the projects then oh yes! My ridiculous pranks will be infecting the internet again.

What is something about you that nobody knows?

That my ultimate goal is to have my life be like the, “Bill and Ted” and “Tenacious D” movies but with more ET’s. There is a lot that the world doesn’t know about me, this interview is definitely where I have opened the most to the public.

Conclusion: What’s Next for Larsen?

Moving forward from this studio album, Larsen’s goal is to continue to present a wide range of musical variety, including styles from extremely calm to brutal metal! Lyrically, his mission is to use music for awakening and disclosure. Instrumentally, he pushes himself to play all of the music instead of using session musicians. He teased that he has “some plans to make [the next album] more epic than the previous album.” 

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“All Around Us Are Pieces of The Gigantic Cosmic Puzzle. Let’s Attune to its Frequency.”

-Teresa Yanaros

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