by Teresa Yanaros, June 22nd 2018

Hey guys! Teresa here at Divine Frequency. I have huge announcements to make today so I am going to dive right in.

Check out my latest YouTube video published yesterday, June 21st 2018.

Firstly, I want to say that I’ve been VERY careful about what I am publishing due to the recent attack on the alternative media related to censorship of content that goes against the mainstream agenda. I went to go post this video yesterday and my YouTube channel started acting VERY weird. Firstly, everything was ready to go with the upload until I added the words “Trump” and “Space Force” to the keywords. Suddenly, the video was showing unable to upload.

I deleted the two keywords and it still didn’t work. I deleted all keywords except for my name and business name, and it finally let me upload it after a few minutes. After hitting publish, I went into the video manager to add cards into the video like I always do, and suddenly, BAM. It logs me out randomly. (This never happens!)

I posted this on social media and was immediately hit back with comments that others are having issues as well.

Sebastien Martin, founder of alternative media site NSUHO, made a public statement on Facebook:

“YouTube won’t allow me to upload my latest interview with Ken Johnston and Bret Colin Sheppard. This is the 4th attempt after trying to export the interview file under various media. This follows the crash of my server, burning my 2 hard drives. My interview with Kerry Lynn Cassidy got interrupted after 1 hour when we went on for an hour and half and the audio backup from Kerry was blank. I have uploaded many videos before and this is now getting really frustrating!”

Sebastien Martin

He supplemented the post with this screenshot:

I noticed that one of the keywords that both Sebastien and myself used in our attempted YouTube uploads was “SSP,” an acronym for “secret space program.”

Very interesting developments indeed.

Without further adieu, let’s dive into the video.

The full disclosure movement is in FULL THROTTLE as we barrel through the beginning of conference season spreading truth to the MASSES. Learn about the latest happenings, from book launches to conferences. Hear about the journalist and researcher Teresa Yanaros’ experience at Contact in the Desert 2018 and more. Trump’s Space Force announcement comes a little too late as Divine Frequency in conjunction with others in the community, some affiliates of the Full Disclosure Project, work tirelessly to prove to the world that we’re already IN space! And the reality of the secret space program is JUST the beginning. The sheer implications of such a force are insurmountable. Once we realize the depths of the lie we realize that we are not powerless, but we must CHOOSE to accept our personal sovereignty. It’s time to tap into our co-creative power. It’s time to reach out and BE the change we are waiting for. The time is NOW. We ARE the disclosure.

UPDATE: June 23rd, 2018

Another YouTuber had issues uploading a video about the Space Force yesterday, June 22nd 2018.

Alexis Buck of Ascension Diaries attempted to post a video entitled, “[6.22] SPACE FORCE MEME-Schumann(47) WHOLE SOLSTICE-Booking EXPLANATION-Ascension STRUGGLE & BLISS.” After processing, she clicked, “upload,” only to receive the error, “Could not update video settings. Please try again later.”

This was the same error I received when attempting to post my video with the words “Space Force” in the title. Alexis published a screenshot of the error on Facebook.

Along with the screenshot, Alexis made the statement, “Shouldn’t have put Space Force in the Title. Now I gotta re-upload it or something. I flew too close to the sun lol.” My favorite online response to this post was by a user who said, “Tisk tisk tisk Icarus, how dare you reference a topical story the leader of our nation proposed.” So funny!

But amidst the confusion and she did not crumble, she prevailed! After waiting a few minutes she was finally able to click post on the video to make it available publically. It makes me wonder if YouTube is holding the posts in order to run additional scripts, checking for certain words or phrases in the video. Either way, you can check out the video here:

Next, I wanted to find out more answers about what was going on here. I asked Justin Deschamps, founder of alternative media website “Stillness in the Storm” what he thought of the issues that media persons were experiencing in conjunction with reporting on Trump’s announcement of the Space Force. He sent over the following information.

“I find it interesting that attempting to upload a video with the tags Trump and Space force triggers an auto-flagging protocol on Youtube. This video streaming platform is notorious for censorship. But why this story? It’s not as if it’s a conspiracy theory by any stretch of the imagination. Trump really did call for the formation of a 6th branch of the military he called the Space Force. And yet, YouTubers are encountering issues uploading video content that speaks to this. What could be happening?

One possibility compiles a few different narratives and datasets.

Several alleged secret space program whistleblowers and insiders have come forward over the years, claiming that a massive deep-black military project to advance agendas into space has been underway for decades, beginning as early as the 1920s. According to other sources, massive sums of money have disappeared into extremely secretive programs, called Unacknowledged Special Access Programs. If these claims are true, then a clandestine organization with incredible technology and political power has been operating behind the scenes for some time, and specifically, have already created a “Space Force.” Trump’s call for developing a Space Force, a public entity that will likely have congressional oversight, could involve a discovery process that explores and seeks out assets from other advanced programs, to supplement technology needed for the sixth branch of the military. As such, those in control of the clandestine secret space program will fight to protect it, and likely are working tirelessly to prevent Trump’s Space Force from becoming a reality, particularly because it could expose a much larger and more advanced collection of secret government projects. Part of this campaign would be to continue to censor those who are raising awareness about the secret space program. If all of this is correct, then the actions on the part of YouTube could be evidence of a cover up, which itself provides evidence that a secret space program indeed exists in some capacity. ”

Justin Deschamps

This is a developing story! Stay vigilant, my friends.

All Around Us Are Pieces of the Gigantic Cosmic Puzzle. Let’s Attune to its Frequency.

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