By Sterling Nicole Bennett, June 19th, 2018

What’s one of the things all humans have in common? Sleep.

Sleep allows our bodies to rest and heal from the day. Sleep also provides a space for our minds to process all of the new information we have absorbed throughout our busy lives. During this time, many of us experience the wonderful phenomena known as dreaming.

Dreams are often used to drop clues about our lives directly from our subconscious.

Have you ever had a dream about an animal associated to the zodiac? What might these dreams be trying to tell you?

Let’s Dive In!


Aries: The Ram (March 21st– April 19th)

Aggression, Energy, Impulsiveness, Strength, Efficiency, and Endurance

Rams grazing quietly in a pasture can be a positive sign that powerful friends will protect you in your time of need.

The dream ram is also an indication that you should be strong and stand up for yourself and your point of view. Do not let yourself be dominated by other people, but make a stand for independence, even if you make mistakes.

The ram may be a sexual symbol, or it may represent the shadowy parts of your personality that you would rather not acknowledge. The dream ram is also associated with tenacity, leadership, power, and masculine strength.


Taurus: The Bull (April 20th– May 20th)

Stubbornness, Strong Will, Strength, Power, Repressed Sexual Energies, Fertility and Virility

Bulls may be a sign to stand your ground and be more assertive in a time of doubt.

When the dream features the consumption of a bull, it may represent your desire to embrace the sexual energy.

If you are riding a bull within the dream, it suggests that you have full control of your power and will.


Gemini: The Twins (May 21st– June 20th)

Ambivalence, Dualities or Opposites, Security in Business, Faithfulness, Contentment with Life

If you see twins in your dream, it might signify that you are either in harmony with or in conflict with your ideas and decisions.

Seeing twins fighting in your dream might represent a conflict between the opposite polarities of your psyche. One twin signifies the emergence of subconscious material and suppressed feelings, while the other twin represents the conscious mind.  There is some situation that you are not confronting.

To dream that you are giving birth to fraternal twins implies that your creative mind is clashing with your personal beliefs. Something or someone is pulling you in opposite directions.

Dreaming of giving birth to identical twins means that you are experiencing a surge in creativity. You are feeling inspired.


Cancer: The Crab (June 21st-July 22th)

Perseverance, Tenacity, Irritability, Emotional Sensitivity, Clingy Actions

Crabs can be symbolic of your irritable personality, as in the pun, being “crabby.”

Dreaming of a crab indicates that you are being stingy or needy and could be holding on to someone or something too tightly. It suggests that you are being irritable or emotionally insensitive as well. Or it may represent someone in your waking life who is acting in these ways. The dream crab may be a symbol of self-protection.

In some cultures, the crab is a symbol of poor health or an indication that you are not facing your problems effectively. Because the crab in nature moves backward and sideways, its appearance in a dream may symbolize your inability to look at difficulties “head on” to overcome them.

The dream crab may be telling you that you are overly concerned with security and safety. In terms of romance, the crab is associated with long and difficult love affairs and warns about avoiding rivals to a relationship.

While the dream crab may appear to be a negative symbol, it also has positive connotations. For example, in some metaphysical areas, it represents the sea and sky, the physical nourishment obtained from the oceans, and intellectual nourishment as well. Because the crab lives in water, it also represents those areas of life associated with emotions and the Unconscious.

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Leo: The Lion (July 23rd– August 22nd)

Strength, Courage, Assertiveness, Power, Loyalty, Dignity, Respect, and Domination

If you see a lion in your dream, it can symbolize predatory feelings deep inside of you such as aggression, potentially directed at people around you.

Lions are symbols of influence over others. They can indicate the need to be more loyal and honest in your relationships.

Lions represent authority over others. A lion could represent your desire to hold power over others or it could indicate someone has control over you.

A spirit lion can indicate the need to always be in control of your circumstances. Lions can indicate the need for you to monitor your temper and aggressive impulses in your life.


Virgo: The Virgin (August 23rd-September 22nd)

Innocence, New Journey, Honor, Dignity

If you dream of a virgin you may be entering into a new phase of life: clean and unexplored, where there is no danger.

In your waking life you may be acquainted with a secretive and modest partner, who you may fall in love with very fast. Be cautious, this may be a sign that this relationship might not last long.

Virgins in dreams can also symbolize an awkward situation.


Libra: The Scales (September 23rd– October 22nd)

Balance, Harmony, Fairness, Truth, Justice, Law

The fairest decision will be made. You are being called to account for your actions and be judged accordingly.

Events have worked out as they were meant to work out and that what is happening to you comes from the decisions you have made and the actions you have taken in the past. You have what you deserve.

The Scales represent a conscious awareness that your decisions and actions have long-term consequences and your present and future circumstances are most likely a result of these decisions and actions. Your actions in the future can be changed by a lesson learned in the present situation. You cannot become honest without extending that honesty to yourself and others.

The Scales reflect the search for truth. You need to know and speak the truth and perceive it in the words and deeds of others. Be fair and just with all and you will soon be able to detect dishonesty in yourself and others. Learn the rules that govern what you are involved with. This is a time to remain objective and to base your judgement on fact and not on heresay.


Scorpio: The Scorpion (October 23rd– November 21st)

Releasing Pain, Death, Rebirth, Acceptance, Moving On

To see or be stung by a scorpion in your dream represents a situation in your waking life which may be painful or hurtful. It’s also indicative of destructive feelings, “stinging” remarks, bitter words and/or negative thoughts being expressed by or aimed against you. You may be on a self-destructive and self-defeating path. The scorpion is also a symbol of death and rebirth. You may need to get rid of the old and make room for something new.

To see scorpions may also suggest that you need to let go of some pain and learn to accept the situation. You may be going through the three-step process of denial, acceptance, and finally moving on.


Sagittarius: The Archer (November 22nd– December 21st)

Goals, Accomplishment, Congratulations

To see archery in your dream suggests that you are setting your goals and planning your direction in life. It signifies attainment and fulfillment of your goals.

To see a bow and arrow in your dream represents a combination of female and male energies. It may refer to your libido or some sexual energy/desire. Alternatively, it symbolizes anger, aggression, or tension. This dream symbol may also be a metaphor that you are aiming for perfection.


Capricorn: The Goat (December 22nd– January 19th)

Confidence, Moving Forward, Bravery, Change

To dream of a goat can represent that you are at a time in your life in which you feel secure and confident. You can feel safe on your continuous forward moving journey.

Goats also represent change and inspiration. It is important to focus on the path in order to become confident that it is going in the right direction. Then, move forward fearlessly.


Aquarius: The Water Bearer (January 20th– February 18th)

Unconscious Self, Emotion, Avoiding Responsibility

To see someone holding water, or to be around a body of water can represent something in your subconscious that is trying to emerge. Possibly a deep seeded fear that needs to be worked through in order to resolve.

Pay special attention to your emotions and care for yourself gently.

Meditate with the intention to access your subconscious. Pay attention to everything you experience, and see where the journey leads you.


Pisces: The Fish (February 19th–  March 20th)

Prosperity, Financial Independence, Good Luck

Fish in dreams have been known to symbolize favorable events. Fish can also represent the emotional side of your character.

Pay attention to your thoughts at this time. A good idea may emerge to plant a seed for financial independence.

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