by Teresa Yanaros, May 5th, 2018

It has been brought to my attention that my Inner Earth experience from May 2nd is synchronistically linked to the intel update posted by Cobra yesterday, May 4th.

UPDATE — MAY 14th:

Here is my on-the-record public statement about the Cobra/Divine Frequency Connection:

Related I Published a Dream, Not a Blind Endorsement of COBRA

On the morning of May 2nd, I published an article entitled, “I Was Invited to The Inner Earth.” The overall all theme was, on the evening of May 1st, I had an intensely vivid dream that I was visited by a female being from the Inner Earth. She invited me to come with her as the Event was happening and it was time that I wake up to an even higher soul purpose. I was being activated on a new level.

Everything was coming to a head, and there was no longer any place to hide. The event was happening. And we all had our roles that we must play. All of the secrets, all of the things we spoke about and tried to tell the world about–we had been off-planet for quite some time, and beings beyond our realm of experience had been here for much longer than most could fathom to believe–it was all coming out into the open now. And the price of that truth brought so much more than any of us could have anticipated.

Teresa Yanaros, “I Was Invited to the Inner Earth

The next day, on May 2nd, I engaged in a deep meditation session where I connected to the being from the Inner Earth. She gave me a multitude of answers that helped me organize my thoughts and experience.

She told me,

Your choice to come to the Inner Earth, that which only you can decide, will allow you to do the Great Work in a new capacity that you’ve yet to access in this lifetime on this timeline.

-Inner Earth Woman, “I Was Invited to the Inner Earth

My realization was powerful.

I was told then that the work I would do would affect the world energy signature in a way that most wouldn’t understand. That it would be through complete ego-transcendence that I would move into this new space of work. The Great Work would be done from a different plane, and few would see the great affects of this effort. I would have to decide if this is something I want to do. And the rewards would be greater than anything else I could hope to accomplish.

Teresa Yanaros, “I Was Invited to the Inner Earth

What Happened Next?

After publishing this article through Onstellar, my own web site, Divine Frequency, and Stillness in the Storm, it was as though a huge weight was lifted. I wouldn’t normally post something so personal and filled with emotion, but I took the leap of faith in a attempt to gain answers and insights from the community. I wondered how people would respond and if they would have some additional perspectives for me as I tried to untangle the emotions associated to the interaction with the Inner Earth woman. Every time I went to re-read my article, I was overcome with tears while reliving the intensity of the experience.

Within hours, I began receiving an onslaught of messages via email and internet comments. The outpouring of support from the community was overwhelming.  People were being compelled to share incredible words of wisdom and encouragement with me. I was humbled and honored at the show of support and care, especially from the community that is being nurtured through Onstellar. Having such an amazingly familial community offering up their words of wisdom was a unique experience I won’t soon forget.

Join Us

I learned that other people were also having similar experiences of activation. So many had come forward to share their stories with me. I was so humbled to hear that we were all going through this together, and I didn’t feel so alone.

Some of the comments were:

  • Teresa, thank you so much for sharing this dream. It resonated so closely to me and experiences that I have had more recently.”
  • “Just finished reading your visionary experience concerning Inner Earth. Sounds like a definite crossroads moment and I was glad you opted for the higher road and narrow gate.”
  • “Thank you again Teresa for sharing your experience, I was greatly moved, actually to tears in hope that it is all true and we will see the transformation of the human race in this lifetime.”

But receiving email responses about my article was just the very beginning.

Fast forward to May 4th, when Cobra, insider and advocate for human awakening, posted an update to his web site, entitled, “Firing The Grid.”

Now, I will be upfront, I have heard Cobra’s name many times, and know many people in the community follow his work. I’ve had a multitude of comments from people telling me how much they would like to see us interact and requests for me to interview him. I had not done much research into him as I have been highly focused on actualizing the mission directly in front of me (only so many hours in the day unfortunately, I know y’all get me here), but from my understanding he was an important player in our community, helping people to understand the importance of meditation, and rallying up organizational efforts to expand global meditation for positive change. That was the extent of my knowledge of Cobra and his work.

Yesterday, May 4th, I was bombarded with emails and tags on social media with people linking me to Cobra’s update.

  • “I believe your dream has everything about what Cobra just posted. We are upgrading the human condition.”
  • “Read your Inner Earth Invite dream then went over to the COBRA website and saw this new post. Victory of the Light!”
  • “Amazing. Real deal. Confirmation of Cobra’s latest post. Thank you for your service.”

We have recently witnessed an indisputable confirmation of the latest message by Pleaidians through Cobra. It has been brought to us by Teresa Yanaros and her amazing experience and interaction with Light being, a Goddess from Inner Earth. Things are moving onwards. You may read about her excellent presented experience here. Many thanks and all support to Teresa.

-Member, Sisterhood of the Rose

People were saying that my Inner Earth dream and subsequent meditation experience were actually a soul activation as described by Cobra. Intrigued, I went to Cobra’s web site and pulled up the most recent article entitled, “Firing the Grid.”

The article explained that the extraterrestrial group called the Pleiadians will start activating certain members of the surface population in alignment with their free will. This uncannily reminded me of the conversation I had a couple days prior with the woman from the Inner Earth.

Going back to my Inner Earth article, I describe being torn between the choice of leaving everything behind me in order to move into a new space of soul work that will benefit the planet’s energy signature in a great way. Interesting that Cobra brings up the concept of free will when that was a huge part of the conversation I had with the female from the Inner Earth. During my May 2nd meditation,

I could feel her in my thoughts, and she projected the idea that in the dream, I was given the opportunity to explore this concept of personal will and choice, and to build a case for my feelings about this dilemma of discernment.

Teresa Yanaros, “I Was Invited to the Inner Earth

The next part of Cobra’s update is, what I believe, what sparked people to inform me about the synchronicity between his declaration and my personal experience from the days before.

This activation may include visions, lucid dreams, kundalini awakenings and rapid transformation of belief systems.

Cobra, “Firing The Grid

In accordance with this statement, I had experienced an intense dream that sought to dredge up an important philosophical debate from within me. I contemplated the importance of soul activation and moving into your higher purpose, no matter what sacrifices that entailed. I contemplated the issues of discernment when it comes to extra physical contact with higher density entities. I considered the ramifications of the changing nature of personal relationships caused by greater activation into my higher soul path.

The last line of Cobra’s update grounded in the synchronicity even more.

If you are experiencing such an activation, stay calm and do not act impulsively, especially in your close personal relationships.

Cobra, “Firing The Grid

The overlay between his statement here and what I described in my article from two days before was pretty significant.

The woman from the Inner Earth told me,

When you move forward with your soul path, you gain wisdom and understanding of things of a deeper nature. This causes the nature of your relationships to change.

-Inner Earth Woman, “I Was Invited to the Inner Earth

My response to what the Inner Earth woman communicated to me was clear as day.

I realized that when you dive into the depths of the waters of consciousness, and gain access to deeper realities of what is happening around us, it changes your level of conscious awareness. The meanings around you now have multi-dimensional layers of meaning which cannot be expressed in our language. Choosing to walk a path that puts you in contact with something new changes you on a DNA level. Your whole world changes. You become a new person. And the relationships you had in the past are now completely different.

Teresa Yanaros, “I Was Invited to the Inner Earth


In a moment of reflection, I will take the time I need to integrate and process this experience. It’s been pretty weird, to say the least, to see something published by Cobra with such an uncanny resemblance to my experience from just a few days before.

I know that when consciousness shifts occur within the individual, it takes time to become aware of the lessons that the universe has presented you, and even more time to integrate those lessons. I will continue to walk the Narrow Path and actualize my global responsibility in whatever capacity the Infinite Creator sees fit for my soul. I will keep speaking the truth and empowering the minds of my brothers and sisters on this planet. I have such a deep sense of obligation to this planet, it’s like a fire inside me. And I will do everything in my power to rise up and help encourage those around me to connect to their own true soul path, whatever that may be, and to do everything in their power to actualize that mission.

The reality is, every single one of us on this planet has a unique purpose. Each and every one of you is unique, and important. You are a perfectly unique blueprint! Only you can do what you are here to do. Nobody else. It’s paramount that you understand how important you are, how supported you are, how LOVED you are. You are so deeply loved that it’s impossible to even fathom that truth. Keep that love in your heart and let it blossom into the fire that will connect you to your bliss. And then follow that bliss. And don’t let anything get in the way. You are not alone. And we are in this together.

Get Involved

I’ve learned that there is a group called “Sisterhood of the Rose” that in conjunction with Cobra’s messages, seeks to spread love and healing of the Divine Feminine throughout the world. This is not just for women, it’s for humanity. Check them out on Facebook. There are communities all over the world sharing information, participating in community activities, and conducting mass meditations.

Thank you to everyone in the community who has sent me emails and information over the last few days. It means the world to me to have such an amazing thoughtful community. I am proud to be changing the world with y’all. Victory to the Light!

All Around Us Are Pieces of the Gigantic Cosmic Puzzle. Let’s Attune to its Frequency.

Teresa Yanaros

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