by Teresa Yanaros, May 1st, 2018

Teresa Yanaros of Divine Frequency breaks down deeper meaning in the music video “ATM” by J. Cole.

Watch her reaction as she realizes that the “Boy Love” symbol is on the wall in this video all about medicated children being hypnotized by money and fame.

In 2007, Wikileaks released an official document from the FBI which included images of common symbols that pedophiles use to communicate sexual preferences.


See For Yourself: FBI Symbols and Logos Used by Pedophiles to Identify Sexual Preferences

These symbols show up in this music video that is specifically about children being hypnotized by money while being highly medicated.


Notice the similarity in color and shape between the image from the FBI document and the symbol that appears more than three times in the J. Cole “ATM” music video.

Once the symbol appears in the music video, we watch as J. Cole loses all of his money gambling. The “Boy Love” symbol appears to swirl around his head as the camera angle spins in dizzying circles around him.

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 9.58.59 AM

In the very next shot, adults stand transfixed at the sky, where children fly around on pill bottles chasing money.

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 9.59.39 AM

The “Boy Love” symbol spins around the adults who look like zombies with money symbols in their eyes. Notice the man inside the building on the left, labeled “KOD,” the name of J. Cole’s new album. You can see his shadow through the glass and he is counting his money while the adults are oblivious to what is happening around them.

What is the underlying message that is conveyed through this video?

We must always critique the images and messages that are seeded into our minds by main stream media outlets.

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By making this subconscious process a conscious process, we can take back our minds and decide the world that we wish to actively create, instead of unconsciously being programmed to believe propaganda. Stay vigilant.

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All Around Us Are Pieces of the Gigantic Cosmic Puzzle. Let’s Attune to its Frequency.

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