by Teresa Yanaros, March 31st, 2018

Disclosure has been HIJACKED.

Let’s clear up the confusion surrounding this word and take it BACK once and for all.

Teresa Yanaros of Divine Frequency describes how the word “disclosure” has been hijacked and the true meaning of the word lost to confusion and misinterpretation.

Disclosure is not just about the release of information related to the extraterrestrial presence on and off this planet.

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What is Disclosure?

“Dis” – removal, or release,

“Closure” – that which is closed, shut, hidden,

“Disclosure” literally means the release or uncovering of what is hidden. And there’s a LOT going on around here that is more than what meets the eye.

And knowing information isn’t the point of being a “truther.”

What’s The Point?

You have to DO something about the information that you integrate. We chose to live on this planet. Each and every one of us came here for a reason.

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What are you doing to connect to that purpose and help co-create a positive world for humanity?

Get Involved

A huge part of occulted knowledge that has been suppressed is related to the spiritual technology within each of us. A technology that is readily available to us at all times that resides hidden and latent; waiting to be unlocked.

Laura Eisenhower, spiritual teacher and great grand daughter of beloved President Dwight D. Eisenhower, is an endless well of knowledge on the subject. Check out my latest interview with her:

Here’s the skinny: You can connect to your very own process of discovery and learn how to expand your consciousness and gain mastery over your self. Through learning about your self, you learn about your connection to the Divine.

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“All around us are pieces of the gigantic cosmic puzzle. Let’s attune to its Frequency.”

Teresa Yanaros

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