by Teresa Yanaros, March 25th, 2018

Bridget Nielsen, inspirational speaker and ET contactee, shares her experiences with the supernatural in public arenas across the globe.

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In the video below, she shares her perspectives on sharing spiritual experiences.

This is an incredibly important topic!

What are your thoughts on sharing your own personal spiritual experiences?

  • Do you discuss concepts beyond the realm of the main stream with your community?
  • Do you keep your experiences and opinions to yourself?
  • If you keep them to yourself, how do you nurture your spiritual process of discovery? (Journaling, research, talking to a trusted confidant?)

As a public speaker myself, I’ve chosen to walk a similar path as Bridget and share my alternative perspectives and mystical experiences publicly. At first it was a little scary taking that leap of faith into the public arena to discuss these controversial topics, but my path toward soul expansion has increased ten million fold since I chose to disclose my own personal testimony involving unexplained phenomena. When I stepped into my authenticity and expanded my own growth potential, I started to attract people into my life aligned with my same path. Once I let go of my fear and just let the world have it (so to speak), my experience expanded and I’ve been riding a wave ever since! It felt tremendously healing to describe events that have happened to me, and to find others who have been through the same scenarios.

To give a short list of some of the these examples:

  • Astral Projection/ Out of Body Experiences
  • Synchromystic Downloads of Information
  • Extraterrestrial Contact
  • Profound Synchronicity (and associated prophecy)
  • Intense Dream Sequences
  • Channeled Contact with ET Races
  • Experiences with Hybrid Children

(Teaser alert: I will be discussing some of these topics in the talk I will be presenting at the ECETI Conference in July 2018.)

Let me clarify though: I am in no way saying that everyone should go public with their spiritual experiences. I would never seek to assume what is best for another.

Your path is sacred to you, and only you can define that path.

You must decide what feels right when it comes to speaking out. Personally, I went through a long hermit period when I was researching, reading, studying and learning a ton of material, and also having amazing experiences. I didn’t tell anyone about these experiences; I instead wrote a book. It was only after I finished writing my book that I felt compelled to reach out to the public to seek out community. And little did I know how important going public was for my path, as it led me to the creation and growth of my multi-media project, Divine Frequency. Ultimately, speaking out publicly aligned me with my own soul-road of divine design.

That’s MY story.

So What’s Your Story?

If you’re reading this article, chances are you have had spiritual experiences in your life. That is kind of what my whole project/channel/blog is about. 🙂

So that being said, I will pose a thoughtful question:

Do you lend energy to and spend time nurturing and thinking about your spiritual experiences?

When you lend energy to your experiences, you begin to activate as you discover the reality of the supernatural. Your spiritual experiences actually start to expand!

This happened to me. After I finished writing my book, “What is Magic?” and started a YouTube channel, my connection to spirit actually began to increase even more!

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And now, without further adieu:

Enjoy this amazing video by my soul sister, Bridget.

Stay magical, my friends.

by Bridget Nielsen, March 18th, 2018

In this video I share about the when are the best times and motivations in which to share your spiritual experiences.

By over sharing it can lessen sacredness and extrasensory abilities, while sharing is one of the greatest gifts we have right now on Earth! Stop giving away your power and let your expression be true empowerment! How to unlock, control and enhance your psychic abilities.

All Around Us Are Pieces of the Gigantic Cosmic Puzzle. Let’s Attune to its Frequency.

Teresa Yanaros

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