by Teresa Yanaros, March 19th, 2018

The Dark Occult’s “Season of Sacrifice” is upon us. This time period, March 19th to May 1st, is notorious for the occurrence of false flags worldwide. Because the team here at Stillness in the Storm is deeply dedicated to spreading awareness about occulted information, we are pleased to offer you a free exclusive webinar, “False Flags 101.”

SourceStillness in the Storm

Author – Teresa Yanaros

In this webinar you will learn:
  • What a false flag is and how to identity them
  • Why psychological warfare programs work
  • How to use these events for universal empowerment and collective healing

Please read and share the following important article about the Season of Sacrifice:

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What is the Season of Sacrifice?

Every year, beginning on March 19th and ending about 40 days later, on May 1st, the dark elite carry out what is known as the Season of Sacrifice. This is when false flag attacks occur with greater frequency. It is a time for those brave enough to recognize these truths to be vigilant against what will likely be a series of psychological warfare operations designed to manipulate the minds of the people.

What is a False Flag?

False Flags The term false flag attack is used by researchers of geopolitical events to refer to covert operations or psychological warfare tactics used by governments, and other clandestine bodies, to steer political opinion, start wars, or force change in society. In military terms, they are also known as Deceptive Indications and Warnings or Covert Operations.

Deeper Information

For additional deep information about the Season of Sacrifice, watch this video by former Satanist Priest, Mark Passio. Passio saw the light and left the Church of Satan, and is now dedicated to spreading awareness and truth about the dark occult. He teaches that through understanding and awareness, we can seek to END the stranglehold that the cabal has on the sleeping masses.

If you have questions, comments, or research about false flags or the Season of Sacrifice, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Stay well. Stay vigilant. Stay strong.

Your dedicated COO of Stillness in the Storm,

Teresa Yanaros