by Teresa Yanaros, March 14th, 2018

Ladies and gentleman of the court, the END of censorship and bumbling about with corrupt media channels is so close I can TASTE it!

No more frustration. Only free speech.

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Have y’all HEARD about the newest platform for sharing alternative content? Think about all of your favorite alternative content creators sharing information in one space- with OUT their voices being hushed.

As an alternative media journalist, content creator, and advocate for truth-dissemination, I am pleased to introduce, Onstellar, the world’s first decentralized social media platform where the unexplained lives.

Truthers! Let’s jump on this. I know we are all ready for a free and open online community once and for all. Sign up before the big launch.

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Join Onstellar

Get the username you want before it’s taken. I’m telling y’all, this is going to change the game.

The Low-Down

OnStellar is the next critical step in combining social media with cryptocurrency. Designed for a growing enlightened global community and focused exclusively on the extraordinary, profound and metaphysical.

Meet new people, engage with industry professionals, and gain access to products, services and events for our community. Connect and collaborate with others like you and be rewarded for creating and discovering content.


 Through Onstellar, you’ll be able to engage with all kinds of content by the creators that you already know and LOVE. I wanted to get this on y’alls radar, because we have BIG things on the horizon. I want y’all there by my side to help co-create this truly visionary movement. Media is evolving. When it launches, this is going to be a great way to find a ton of great content in ONE SPACE.

I know I am stoked. Join me!

Love you guys. Speak your truth.

Teresa Yanaros

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