by Teresa Yanaros, March 14th 2018

Taking Short Breaks Increase Productivity

I’m not here to break down a concept you already know. I’m actually here today to help support you in your 15 minute break that you are taking right now.


(Looks intensely at your headphones)

That’s right. Slip those bad boys in and close the office door.

You are taking the time right now to pull yourself into the present moment

You are connecting back to the calm stillness of your heart space.

You ready? Let’s go.


First, open this:

Click the button on the bottom right of the screen, scroll though the meditation sound options, and choose, “Coastline at Sunset.”

Start with the breath. Breathe slowly, in and out. Close your eyes and picture that you are standing at the ocean shore, watching the waves flow in and out. Listen, you can hear them too. Wave comes in with the breath, wave goes out with the breath.

Now let all your thoughts float away and focus only on the ocean and your breath.

Relax your shoulders (yes, they are tense, but we’re going to fix that now!). Relax the muscles in your face and neck and shoulders and back. Just let all your stress fall away.

For the next few minutes, think about how grateful you are to have the life you have. How amazing it is that you live the life you live? Think of the people you love, who care about and support you. You are on an amazing journey.


This phase of the 15 minute break is for relaxation and enjoyment.

Check out this latest video by TruthEarth‘s Jonathan Carty.

Turn up the headphones and enjoy.

Love you guys. Speak your truth.

Teresa Yanaros

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