by Teresa Yanaros

Hi everyone! Teresa here, of Divine Frequency. I am launching a public call for support.

The world is changing, and we need to stand together.

We need your help.

I am 30 years old, a millennial smack dab in the middle of the generation, and I am an advocate for truth.

Does that mean I know everything?


It means the opposite. It means that I am riding the wave between the known and the mystery, and I appreciate that there is an infinite well of information I haven’t accessed. I will never know all there is to know. How do I know that?


I am a finite manifestation of the infinite; a Soul experiencing the Infinite Creator.

I posted a YouTube video yesterday describing my experience at the Conscious Life Expo, which took place February 9-11th, 2018.

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This video presented my commentary on the conference and my experience of speaking on stage at the event. I also described an interesting synchronicity regarding David Wilcock’s childhood where he wrote about things that ultimately became central components of his life and similarities between his experience and my own childhood.

The overall theme was:

We use threads of interest from our childhood and carry that through in our lives to help us align with our true soul path.

In the post that I shared on Facebook, I summarized that the video included some entertaining insights. To me, finding topics entertaining means that they hold great interest and call strongly to your attention. Is not entertainment important when it comes to learning anything? How can we learn something if it does not interest us? Quite a conundrum, and as you can probably imagine by my tone here, stating that my video was entertaining triggered someone online.

I wanted to assess this argument in an attempt to drive through a very important concept:

“It is paramount to support each other on our different soul paths, even if you are not directly interested in what someone else is being called to do.”

Divine Frequency Meme

NOTE: I have provided much mentorship in my life to many people. I’ve seen people fall into the trap (especially with family members) where they try to convince the other person that they “know what’s best” for them. The reality is: you can look out for someone and help guide them to prosperity, but you MUST keep sacred their own path. Every soul is on a separate journey, and we must be shepherds of each other’s experience. And nurturing means different things. But make sure you are not impressing upon someone’s path. Make sure you are not stomping on someone’s vision of where they want to go. Be free. And try to step into a big picture perspective that we are all connected through the One Creator, and the purpose here is to expand the experience for the collective.

Okay, now back to the social media post I was talking about.

The post I made on social media included a link to the article I wrote and the video I recorded, and disseminated to the public for free. People have been telling me since the conference they were excited to hear about my experience, so I recorded a 20-minute video and edited in pictures and videos for people’s entertainment and interest.

I posted, “Check out this Conscious Life Expo 2018 recap by Teresa Yanaros, a millennial advocate for spiritual enlightenment, of Divine Frequency. She describes the Ancient Aliens event, Susana Puelles’ “Unleashing Feminine Healing Power,” Teresa’s lecture about magic, and the Cosmic Disclosure panel with David Wilcock and Corey Goode.”

The first response I got was:

“sell sell sell,… and pricey as well. o well, i can’t afford this special special knowledge. are we buying real new info!? the same ole stuff?? if its new and real, well should we all get it regardless of ability to pay???!!! and if its not new,… then? huh? whatup here??”

My response was:

“Hi [name removed for privacy]! The video I’ve linked here is on my YouTube channel for free and has some entertaining insights. Also if you watch you’ll notice I mention that I will be releasing my talk for free on YouTube soon. Also my talk plus all other talks from Eclipse of disclosure are free on YouTube for those who couldn’t make the conference. Let me grab a link for you. 💜”

And then I posted a link to the video.

Here it is, in case you haven’t seen my Eclipse of Disclosure presentation.

People chimed in to the rescue. One person was charmed with my kind response and said, “i am impressed by your kind and sincere response ❤️”

Someone else said, “is this also your response for Musicians who sell their music and ask that we not “illegally” download their work?”

This disgruntled individual launched into a frustrated diatribe to condemn people pushing for truth dissemination for making money while doing it.

Side note: Do we not also need to survive? Am I not allowed to charge any money for anything? Must I live under a bridge while working tirelessly every day to share my valuable original content? I give away much for free on social media. It’s my prerogative to charge money for content that contains value. And to be honest, I am pretty balanced in this regard. Also, I live under the poverty level. And I hope that one day soon that does not continue to be the case. Until then, I continue to do the Great Work of the Infinite Creator with a smile on my face.

The frustrated person said:

“music is great and inspiration. the info on disclosure in all of its garb should be available to all. period. this is supposedly the info to set humanity free or to at least expose humanity to a long hidden truth, right? and again, this info needs to be available to all people as soon as possible unrestricted by ability to provide rothchild money or remain ignorant. now i am assuming that the info offered is actually about this. but, if this is just a convention with some “fun” stuff then say so and do not present as having “truth”, let it be fun among friends, right? clarification. be real and be honest.”

I responded:

“If you follow my work, you will discover for yourself that I am an advocate for disclosure. It’s fair to ask the question, “Is this relevant?” But I pose this to you- is it not your responsibility to do your own research and answer that question yourself? Disclosure is the uncovering of what is hidden. And when it comes to the “secret space program” topic- there is much to be restructured with respect to the mind and epistemic evolution. I can assure you that discussing the conference of conscious life expo helps us as individuals assess the implications of this information and how it is impressed upon the collective conscious. Keep asking those questions my friend, and stay well.”

The person responded:

“Teresa Yanaros thanks for the offer of free “entertaining insights”? really? as to the E of D, i am well aware that on a later date presentations are posted on YT. my personal concern is really the grifting aspect of these “performances” as actual info of the quality that many of the well known teachers/researchers work, books, lectures, movies, etc., contains. so thanks but i’ll pass on the “entertainment”.”

I responded:

Everyone digests information in different ways. You are presenting the concept that you are simply not my audience. I respect that, and tailor my content to a crowd who is open-minded, excited about learning, and has a passion for topics of disclosure. If you prefer to digest content without elements of entertainment (which I kind of doubt that’s actually true), then that is perfectly fine. Generally, I respect people’s soul paths, and even if the content isn’t for me- I am gracious that the information is being presented to someone out there. Sitting in a space of gratitude that I am presenting these important topics to an audience other than yourself might help you open your heart, and be happy that there is a tapestry of life and perspective all around you. I send you love of the One Creator, and I will continue to follow my soul path. Cheers!

Now aside from the money controversy (which in my opinion is totally ridiculous that the “conscious community” has been totally psy’oped into believing that we must cast stones at people who make any kind of money- HELLOO we live in a world that uses money!), we need to talk about RESPECT and SUPPORT.

This individual is presenting the opinion that I am being deleterious to the truther movement because I am presenting already disseminated information in a way that is entertaining. This is a quite ridiculous argument, seeing as nothing on this Earth is “new.” We, every day, are taking pieces of information that we learn and integrating it in new ways. This is how we evolve and expand our consciousness. Every thought you have in your mind is based on your subjective experience. This means, that every moment, you are collecting information and creating new archetypal constructs of meaning based on these new conclusions.

Furthermore, going back to SUPPORT: we need to lean into the truth that teaching and learning about these topics is paramount in order to reach the millennial and Generation Z populations. This is my path. This is my passion.

Call to the Older Generations:

I implore you to help us learn. And you can do this by supporting the ways that we digest and integrate information. And we can use your guidance, not your steamrolling. If you want to be a true truther yourself, please acknowledge that we are in a new era.

The Age of Information is passed. We got the internet when, the early 90s? We are in the Age of Disclosure.

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Yes, there is a plethora of information out there about many important TRUTHS. Not to mention the stacks upon stacks of books we should be deeply studying. And unfortunately, much of this information is literally INACCESSIBLE to the younger generations. I just so happen to be a person who reads complex material and actively consumes dense information. It is my goal to find creative ways to get this information to the younger generations. I taught high school, and understand how these younger minds work. They need to be captivated and need quick information, presented in ways that capture the visual aspects of inspiration and drive home topics in a way that relates to their own subjective experience. There is much more to unpack here, and I am not saying that I have it all figured out. And honestly, if you have some good ideas for me, I am 100 percent all ears. But if your perspectives include, “How dare you charge money,” or, “How dare you present information that’s already been discussed,” then you are not helping the truth movement, nor are you helping me in any way. You might as well be saying, “How dare you survive while doing the Great Work,” or, “How dare you use creative teaching methods developed over many years of study and experience in order to inspire the younger masses to seek information about these important topics.”

Captivating young minds is a huge task, and you are all invited.

Let’s support each other here.

And if you are being judgemental and disgruntled at someone’s inspirational soul path, you are completely missing the point.

What’s the Point?

If you are indeed a truther, you know this already. But for those who need a gentle reminder:

  1. We are all in this together.
  2. We are powerful souls with unique soul paths.
  3. We are finite manifestations of the infinite, seeking to expand our minds so we can align with the divinity of the One Creator.
  4. There are truths out there that are occulted, hidden underneath the surface, and these truths need to be uncovered, assessed and integrated.
  5. Through love, compassion, and forgiveness, we co-create a future for the human race that will ultimately connect us to the capital T- Truth.

And the Truth is: LOVE.

Stay well, my friends.

Teresa Yanaros

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