by Teresa Yanaros

You are powerful, focused, and brave.

Today is the perfect day to connect with this truth. Let’s do an exercise and bring these energies into our field today. First, close your eyes and take some deep calming breaths.

You are Powerful.

Human hand holding lightning

Power is the ability to do something, and the capacity to influence. Take a deep breath in, and close your eyes. Focus on that power coursing through your body. That spark of energy comes from the Infinite Creator. That power infuses your being and can be harnessed. You exist in a matrix of perfect design and have the ability to affect the world around you.

Focus now on all of the wonderful abilities that you have, all of the wonderful things that you bring to the table. People respect these qualities about you, and you use them to do great things in the world.

You have the capacity to influence. How do you use your influence? Do you nurture your relationships, and shower people with love and compassion? Do you create a space of acceptance and love wherever you go?

You have great power and strength. You have the ability to rise above and learn from all that the universe hands you. You have the ability to transmute trying situations and turn them into something beautiful. You learn many lessons the more you experience, and you are able to share these important experiences with others.

You are Focused

focus attention spiritual

Focus is a state of having a clear sight, fixed on a point of interest. Now take a deep breath in, and close your eyes. Focus on the most beautiful thing you can pull up in your mind. Maybe you are imagining a colorful sunset, or maybe the calm waves rolling in and out on a serene seashore. Now sit in this space for a minute and just breathe.

Open your eyes. Consider how this exercise made you feel. You might have felt your heart rate decrease, and your breathing deepen. You might have felt a sense of release and wave of happiness and contentment.

Your focused attention is quite powerful. You can choose what to focus on, and that can flood your consciousness. What you choose to put your energy into is what seems to fill your energy field. You must take great care of what you focus on. Today, you are focusing on gratitude.

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Now pull up some images in your mind of the things you have in your life that you are thankful for. Focus on how much you love and appreciate these things today. When you start to feel stressed, pull up these images and think about how you’ve manifested such amazing people, and experiences into your life.

You are Brave

brave heart chakra

You are ready, open and willing to face anything that comes your way. You understand that there is a deep underlying nugget of wisdom in every experience on Earth. You don’t see experiences as “positive” or “negative,” you see them as opportunities for growth and soul expansion.

A fire resides in your heart and keeps you moving forward. You know deep inside that you are here for a special reason, and you are actively taking steps to bring that vision to fruition. You are divinely supported by the universe.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath in. Breathe in the words, “I am Brave.” Think about everything you’ve accomplished. Connect to a sense of gratitude for everything you’ve experienced. Smile. And think about all of the great things you will do that will help the world become a better place. Nothing can stop you. Any obstacle is appreciated and greeted with grace. Your lessons are learned in divine time. And all of the experiences are perfect manifestations of the Divine Creator.

A Moment of Gratitude

Sit now in a space of gratitude for about three minutes. Say this out loud, “I am Powerful. I am Focused. I am Brave.” You are going to have an amazing day today. You feel alive, rejuvenated, intensely happy and completely at peace.

All around us are pieces of the gigantic cosmic puzzle. Let’s attune to its Frequency.

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Teresa Yanaros

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