by Sterling Nicole Bennett

“We are taught what love is before we have a moment to experience it for ourselves, instilling a false perception of what we are to expect from others.”

-Sterling Nicole Bennett

What is Disclosure?

Disclosure is the release of control and propaganda programming that has been forced on the public. The ones who believe they are in control over the world feel they have to lie and manipulate the masses into following a specific creed in order to have their agendas played out.

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They create these detailed plans of manipulation, releasing false information, painting themselves as beings to be worshipped through the use of propaganda, or more recently referred to as fake news. 

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These people in power want to keep us all in this illusion that we have a good life and we are fine with giving away our freedom. They program you from the moment you are conceived in your mother womb to think and act a certain way.  All of your mother’s thoughts and feelings are transferred to you before you even have a chance to think for yourself. 

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We are taught what love is before we have a moment to experience it for ourselves, instilling a false perception of what we are to expect from others.  When you begin to dig into the truths of these situations–when you start to think for yourself–you begin to take your own blinders off. The food industry, vaccines, aliens, even America’s own history has been altered to further manipulate and control your thoughts and feelings about your own country.

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 You’re taught as a child to trust your teachers: they know what’s best for you! Trust your government! Absorb all the info you can from your elders who have been even MORE deeply programmed! You become comfortable in this box they’ve built for you. You feel safe. You FEEL free; but you’re not. It’s a lie, all carefully orchestrated by the all-seeing eye. 

How Do We Wake Up From Our Programming?

The only way you can climb out of the box is by standing up and stepping out. By doing so, you begin to dig for your own disclosure, finding the truth in the world that has lied to you for your whole life. 

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You are free to think and have your own thoughts and opinions. When enough of us wake up and see the truth of the world, it creates a wave. A wave of people with a passion for the truth. Waves become tsunamis, and tsunamis are natural disasters created by Mother Earth to clear the debris and make space for new growth. 

When enough people come together, these waves create change. Governments are forced to release classified documents spilling all the tea about UFOs, GMOs, Cancer, Aliens, Vaccines, False Flags, Human Trafficking, Human Experimentation, Hollywood, the Secret Space Program, Solutions to world hunger, and so many more top secrets kept in order to “protect” us. Bull. These secrets are kept to protect themselves. These people feed off of money, power, and greed. Not the wellbeing of the people they lead. Not what is best for you, and certainly not your education. 

Nah.. I think I’ll Take a Nap Instead…

Sure, you can sit back in your box and wait for the government to spoon feed you their soft disclosure that is neatly mixed with your poisoned food.

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That would be a very comfortable way to die, wouldn’t it? Remaining in your delusion, so happy believing in the false reality that was built for you. Slowly dying, blind, unable to see the cure that is right in front of your face. Disclosure. Freedom. Self-governance. Get out of that highchair, put the poison down and go fight for your freedom. 

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The time has come to grow up and take responsibility for your life. Up until this point, you’ve blamed everything wrong in your life on others, convincing yourself that you have no control over what happens to you. Have you even been listening? Grow up. Take control. Be responsible for yourself. Heal the generational wounds passed down to you.

Find your own Disclosure. Never stop searching for the truth.

Sterling Nicole Bennett

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