by Teresa Yanaros

What’s up with all the recent ridiculously in-your-face Illuminati references in trending videos and articles across social media?

Today, let’s take a trip down to American Hip Hop town and see what video we have trending on YouTube. Meet Metro Boomin, a 24-year-old rapper from St. Louis, who shows off his jewelry and commemorates his new record label in this exclusive, nauseatingly drab and boring special on the YouTube channel for GQ, men’s magazine.

Producer Metro Boomin tours GQ through his personal collection of pendants, bracelets, and necklaces—some inspired by Migos, others by emoji.

Metro Boomin sports his rose-gold shiny piece, featuring a pyramid and the all-seeing eye. The piece says, “Boominati” and on the bottom of the jewelry, says, “CEO.”

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 3.39.14 PM

While this is all incredibly ridiculous, I wanted to take a moment to backtrack, demonstrate the rapper’s timeline and describe how we can actually use the seeding of these symbols to grow as a collective.

We have your normal story of a musician who played music and then met someone influential, in this case, Gucci Mane. In February of 2013, Metro Boomin tweeted to social media, claiming that he joined the Illuminati in Hollywood.

In May of 2013, just months after making this public claim, Metro Boomin announced a new music project. The album was released in October of 2013 and featured Gucci Mane along with other artists in the music industry.

June of 2017, Metro Boomin announced his brand new merchandise label called Boominati Worldwide, “founded in partnership with Republic Records and Universal Music Group.”


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Wait, Did You Just Say Partnership with Universal Music Group?

Uh oh! Check this out, an article published October of 2012 which explained the Illuminati connections within this company.

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Arjun Walia of Collective Evolution traced the business connection back to England, to an Illuminati control hub.

Royal bloodlines have always used mechanisms for control. The only difference today is that more tools for control have been developed. The mainstream music industry is controlled by a small group of entities. The largest and first developed  is the Universal Music Group.

-Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution

He described how some entertainers within the music industry expose the global control constructs, while some sell out and become blinded by money and fame.

Metro Boomin is just one example of an individual who has jumped on the money and fame train and is perpetuating Illuminati symbolism into the masses, not only through silly cryptic Twitter posts but also the recent publicity stint and plug of his occult symbol-laden merchandise line through popular men’s magazine, GQ.

What Do These Symbols Represent?

The pyramid and the eye are common symbols we see popping up along with the word, “Illuminati.” What do these symbols mean and what are the implications of them being seeded into the masses through media outlets?

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There are many different interpretations, most of which color the symbols with evil. But it’s really all about perspective. TS Caladan of Humans Are Free explains:

Well, ‘they’ believe pyramids represent their fated dominance over us: The stone levels must mean the Social strata of many lower classes all the way up to a few Families at the very top of power.

-TS Caladan, Humans Are Free

Caladan goes on to explain that the top of the pyramid represents the global elite. The “powers that be” consider themselves the all-seeing eye; the Eye of Providence; and believe that they have the powers to see all and to be omniscient.

Masonic Pyramid

Can we be controlled by these symbols?

Well, yes and no. We can indeed be controlled by certain programs, including fear of the unknown or feelings of helplessness. However, by bringing these symbols into our conscious frame of reference, we actually have the power to transmute any sinister motives that people have through pumping these symbols into the mass consciousness.

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Justin Deschamps, of Stillness in the Storm, provides deep insights about transmuting symbols of fear into love. He philosophizes:

In truth, the whole of reality itself is symbolic. Words, whether written or spoken, are symbols for ideas, becoming crystallized over time, if we do not consciously reprogram or purify them. We can not avoid being programed, but if we do not becoming the programer, we will be programed by another.

When our consciousness has become automatic, we are at the mercy of our emotions and past choices, fearing life itself. Conversely, when we seek the truth, and bravely face our fears, they melt away as the truth expands and infuses them.

-Justin Deschamps, Stillness in the Storm

By being aware of the deeper meanings of symbols, we can choose to allow negative constructs to control and disempower, or we can instead prevent concepts from being seeded into our brains unconsciously. We can choose to take a conscious stand and lean into our personal power and expand that on a collective level.

Beyond the Illuminati obsession within the hip-hop industry, we see this pandemic rampant within all of the music industry. We must continue to uncover and highlight these occurrences. Let’s stand together in truth, remain vigilant, and educate ourselves on what is going on underneath the surface. We must not allow the mainstream media to program our minds with feelings of disempowerment and helplessness, and instead lean into the truth.

The truth is, we are strong together and have the power to infuse every moment with the magic of love, with grace, through compassion.

-Teresa Yanaros

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