by Justin Deschamps

In answering the question, “Why do the powers that be hide symbols of their insidious behavior in plain sight?” one must consider the nature of linguistics, psychology, and law.

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Firstly, symbols are inherently meaning neutral, the meaning comes from the subconscious mind of the observer as they associate a concept with an object of some kind, whether physical or intangible. Within language, words are given meaning via their use embedded in a sentence that provides a structure for linguistic interpretation. One of the reasons why children can so easily absorb a langue between the ages of zero to two years old is through contextual absorption, extrapolation, and association, or, “speech perception always precedes speech production and the gradually evolving system by which a child learns a language is built up one step at a time, beginning with the distinction between individual phonemes.[5]” As phenomena are identified they can then be associated with a word or sonic representation that can be used to express the concept symbolically in speech or writing.

Science is slowly developing an understanding of how the mind uses symbols within the realms of psychology and linguistics. This provides a mainstream point of reference for understanding the psychological basis for occult or hidden symbolism. The mind slowly and subconsciously acquires a working knowledge of a symbol via juxtaposition and association. In the media, advertising, and most importantly, occult symbolism, concepts are “tagged” or associated with ideas in a subliminal or subtle way, causing a simultaneous acceptance of the concept while also hiding it beneath the surface.

Consider the use of subliminal marketing techniques already pervasive in society, which provides a second point of mainstream reference to substantiate the idea that symbols can be tied to ideas that can then be accepted more easily by the masses.

What is Normalization?

Normalization is the psychological effect of reducing the psychological response to a stimulus through repeated exposure. In this case, the stimulus is an idea associated with a symbol, pizza associated with pedophilia, which is exposed to the masses via media and entertainment, such as marketing and iconography. Because this particular subject is extremely triggering (the concept of sexually assaulting children against their will) most people experience extreme revulsion when exposed to it for the first time. Revulsion has the psychological effect of dissociating the thinking part of the mind from the experiencing part of the mind, thereby inducing a kind of hypnotic trance through mind trauma. From this trance-like state, an individual is much more receptive to subconscious programming, in this case, the program is designed to make the individual more receptive and accepting of these ideas, all while denying their existence at a conscious level due to avoidance induced through revulsion or disgust of the concept. The more unbelievable, disgusting, or revolting a concept is, the less one can deal with it consciously or at a rational level, which means they will unwittingly rely heavily on subconscious programming when triggered.


In summary, the repeated exposure of pedophilia-related symbols into the public lexicon causes a concurrent acceptance and masking of the subject matter in a person’s mind.

This means people will be less sensitive to claims of government corruption related to pedophilia:

  1. because it seems so unbelievable
  2. because they’ve already subconsciously accepted that it exists and have been programmed to avoid it via a fight or flight response.

This technique of social programming is often called mild trauma-based mind control. Anyone attempting to speak explicitly of these things to a programmed individual will find they react violently to the information, either ignoring it as conspiracy theory or even attacking the messenger for suggesting it is real.

Finally, all of this is important to consider from a lawful stance because the powers that be employ symbols to give notice of their activities, and in doing so, garner consent of the masses through acquiescence; when the people do nothing in the face of open criminality, the criminal behavior is accepted as part of society. This point may seem obscure to those who haven’t taken the time to study the foundations of law, particularly the metaphysical aspects of how contractual consent of governments and authorities are procured through means of notice.

But the reality is, notice through symbols is very real and is actively used in our world today.

-Justin Deschamps

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