by Sterling Nicole Bennett

Did you know that deeper meaning lies under the surface of basically every single thing around you?

The movie X-Men 2 is chock full of symbolism and teaches us valuable meta-lessons about embracing circumstances and obstacles. Once we embrace challenges we can actually transcend them, and in the process, grow beyond the limits of our fears and distortions.

I ask you one thing: consider this exercise today. Doing this will completely change your life! Release the false belief that you can’t overcome life’s challenges. Lean into your personal power and watch how fast you can grow past your wildest desires!

 This video was created with clips from X-Men 2 used in a manner to provide a commentary and present views not discussed within the works originally. This falls in the perimeters of fair use. Thank you.

First, let’s take a few moments to talk about my favorite flamethrower, Pyro.

Pyro is portrayed in the X-Men films as a tough guy. A guy who knows he can handle himself. Probably because manipulating fire can be pretty threatening. But like every other tough guy, he has a sensitive side. We see this vulnerability emerge after the Xavier Institute is attacked and Pyro is amongst the X-Men who flee to Bobby Drake parent’s house, a character named the Iceman. Pyro and Iceman have always been portrayed as friends with different views. Similar to Xavier and Magneto’s relationship. Inside Bobby’s home, we see Pyro deep in thought, studying photos on the wall of Bobby’s family.

The overall tone of this scene implies that Pyro is thinking about his own family. Pyro’s story is never fully explained in the X-Men movies, but in my opinion its safe to assume that due to the overall tone of this scene, Pyro and his family don’t get along. Maybe he’s one of the many run aways that the Xavier Institute has taken in. One big difference between Pyro and Iceman is that Iceman can create ice while Pyro, can only manipulate fire. When Pyro looks at the photos on the wall, he sees yet another thing Bobby has that he doesn’t, a family. 

He’s a Power House, Y’all.

The next thing we know, Pyro is displaying his full power for the world to see, only to be stopped by Rogue. Yet again, Pyro is being stunted. His power is being controlled by another person. Morals aside, Pyro was tired of being controlled. 

All of these events led up to the next scene, which even after watching this movie hundreds of times, I received a new message that I have to share. Magneto and Mystique are aboard the X-Jet, also called the Blackbird. Pyro lets Magneto know that he’s seen as the bad guy. He then asks about Magneto’s helmet, and Magneto replies that it’s the only thing that can protect him against the real bad guys. Then, we are gifted with this beautiful moment. 

Magneto: “What’s your name? [as he uses his powers to take away the lighter]”

John/Pyro: “John”

Magneto: “What’s your real name John?”

John/Pyro: “Pyro [as he uses his powers to take back the flame from the lighter]”

Magneto: “Quite a talent you have there Pyro.”

John/Pyro: “I can only manipulate the fire. [extinguishes the flame] I can’t create it.”

Magneto: “You are a god among insects. Never let anyone tell you different. (hands lighter back)”

Here is one interpretation to consider.

Who are you really?

Pyro is shown putting himself down, doubting himself, believing that his shortcomings cast a shadow on his overall worth. He is clouded and not allowing himself to fully grasp this amazing ability that he has been given. He’s too wrapped up by what he doesn’t have to realize the true power and potential of what he does have. However, Magneto does see Pyro’s potential, he sees Pyro’s worth, his value. He sees a young man and what he could achieve in this life. He sees himself at that age. A powerful mutant who’s abilities are controlled by those around him.

You are a God among Insects.

Being a God among Insects means you are so much more powerful than those around you. Often when we are much more conscious than those we are around, we find ourselves trying to shrink down to their level. We find ourselves afraid to stand out, we dim our light. When in reality, we were born to let our light shine and become our highest and best selves. Insects being the lesser beings, the negative people, the ones who bring you down, who are jealous of what they see in you, and instead of waking up and realizing we are all the same and we all have limitless potential, they use their energy tearing you down, instead of building you up. You are the God of your own life, and it’s up to you to surround yourself with other God’s or other people who are going to lift you up and help you get where you need to go in life vs insects. Never let anyone tell you different.

Pyro spends the next few scenes dealing with this inner struggle, trying to decide which path he will take. A powerful figure as Magneto speaking to Pyro in this manner, Pyro becomes empowered. Magneto is a man who Pyro was taught was the enemy, the bad guy. Pyro finds himself more aligned with Magneto’s message. He sees that the world isn’t one sided. You don’t have to believe everything you’re taught. Pyro, for possibly the first time, feels he is being seen for who he truly is, who he can become, and not just as some kid. Pyro was introduced to the idea of sovereignty, that is becoming his own leader, deciding things for himself, instead of being lead blindly without a personal reason to do what he is doing.

He could join Magneto, who sees Pyro’s potential and can help him discover just what that looks like, or, he could go back to the kids table and remain in a place where he feels stunted in his growth. Even though going with Magneto is arguably a darker path, for Pyro, it’s a step forward in his growth, a step toward autonomy that builds up his mental powers for making choices, his free will and sovereignty

Xavier believes in educating his students in a classroom environment, hoping to teach them to become functional members of society. What Xavier doesn’t fully understand is that not everyone is meant to be just another member of society. 

Regardless of Xavier’s noble intentions, it is nearly impossible to host a school full of gifted children and be able to fully give them each the attention they need. 

Pyro definitely formed some resentment toward Xavier as well as the other teachers for not appreciating his ability. He makes a choice to go with Magneto, the group that resonates with him best, even if it may seem from the outside that he joined the dark side. 

Here’s The Kicker!

We are all powerful beings and sometimes we can feel forced by those around us to dim our light in order to make others more comfortable. 


There is no definite good or bad side. You must have both for the world to work properly. Both sides of any situation tend to believe they are the good side anyway. Pyro chose to take a path where he could stretch his power and really be useful. He was self aware enough to realize that he didn’t want to be an X-Man. He didn’t align with their ideology or mission statement and that’s fine.

The X-Men believe that the world can peacefully coexist with humans and mutants working together. They fight for this world every day, making choices that should help the population transition into this reality of coexistence with as much ease as possible. While in contrast, the Brotherhood led by Magneto believes that a war is coming in which humans will attack mutants and attempt to genocide their entire population, pushing a “better them than us” ideology. The idea of striking first, rather than being passive, sitting idly by and waiting for the opposing side to make a move.

In the real world, this can be paralleled with the current rise of awakening in the population. The awakened are the ones who are searching for truth, uncovering mysteries, and discovering that their very real superhuman abilities have been taken from them through this control system. The ones who used to control this world, the ones who reject what others are awakening up to, are losing power while those who see the truth are taking over. 

The Mutants are the awakened ones, and the fearful Humans are the less evolved ego and power driven beings who want to control you and keep you enslaved in their unevolved world. These people who claim some vaccines can “cure” you of all ailments when in reality they are poisoning you. The same ones who claim your child needs to be on medication because they have an active imagination, instead of embracing their abilities and working to help them rather than control them. We see this theme repeated throughout the X-Men films, through the humans feeling the need to find a way to control the mutants, when in reality they should be helping the mutants and working together for the good of the world they both share.

Do you see the parallels?

Do you see how conspiracy theorists and truth seekers are being pitted against those who believe in the illusions of society and the controllers? 

Who are you?

If someone asked you this question, you would most likely respond with your name and your profession. Who are you really? This question challenges you to look deeper and find the things inside of you that make you feel something. The things you care about, what you’re passionate about. Self-discovery is the key product of many awakening experiences. Realizing you are in complete control of your life and your circumstances will completely change your life. No longer are you under the false belief that you are a victim watching events unfold. No longer do you feel trapped in a mental prison invoked onto you by your peers. You are the all-powerful self and you can change any situation. 

You can be anything and anyone. So, do it. 

The sky is quite literally the limit. 

-Sterling Nicole Bennett

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