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2018 Full Disclosure What Would It Mean to Humanity

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The buzz around recent disclosure has been creating a lot of conversations. I was thinking what would be the effect of full disclosure. I the video in the thread below it said there were religious people in the government who did not want disclosure because of religious reasons. I don’t think full disclosure will matter. I think religious people will probably be more religious not less. And there’s another group in the government thinking full disclosure would cause panic, mass hysteria, and death. I think the video makes a very good point. If extraterrestrials have wanted to eat us or destroy us they would have done it by now. Plus extraterrestrial technology will most likely be tens of thousands of years more advanced than our own. Fighting the extraterrestrials would be like muskets going up against AK-47s and that’s only a 100 year difference.

The video in the OP of this thread is really good:…

So the question of this thread is what would full disclosure cause in society:

* Panic, mass [sic] hysteria, and death

* A crisis of faith for religious people

* Governments of the world would lose all their power and legimatcy

* People would hold science and scientists in esteem again

* The economy will boom because people will be energized

* Ho hum, people would just continue living their lives getting fat, drinking beer, loud mouthing opinions about topics they know nothing about

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