To understand how today’s new moon will impact your sign, and for rituals and meditations to mark the Winter Solstice and 2018, please join me for New Moon Manifestations: A Workshop for the New Moon in Sagittarius and Intention Setting for the Winter Solstice.

Author – Chani Nicholas

The new moon in Sagittarius arrives on December 17th at 10:30 PM PT. Falling days before the change of season, the change of Saturn’s sign, and the change of the calendar year, this new moon sits at many thresholds. Marking many endings and new beginnings, this new moon calls for a moment of reflection. Recalibration. Review.

We’ve come a long way.

Sitting next to Saturn, currently at the last degrees of Sagittarius, the new moon encourages us to find stillness within. Not Sagittarius’s usual style, this new moon reminds us that sometimes the most informative parts of our journey happen in moments of magnificent stillness. 

Saturn halts. Holds space. Holds us in place until we have learned a lesson. Until Saturn deems us grown enough to be granted permission to pass through its rings. Saturn is a threshold deity, refusing us passage through its gates until we have developed the maturity needed to venture on to our next phase of growth.

Over the past 3 years, Saturn in Sagittarius has put up incredible obstacles, roadblocks, and difficult tests for us to struggle with until we developed the strength to deal with them.

As Saturn slowly, sternly and steadily strode through the part of our charts that contained Sagittarius, we were asked to gather ourselves in that area of our lives. Get ourselves together. Get on board with a greater responsibility than we had taken on before.

Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius has demanded that each of us make an arduous journey. Specific to us, this journey has required that we come to understand in deeper ways which philosophies are sturdy enough to bear the weight of a world that is sometimes too illogical to fathom. In Sagittarius, Saturn has demanded that we understand the limits of our beliefs. Where they are faulty. What about them needs to be developed. Which of them are too ill-constructed to be of service to our truth. Unstable theories needed to be put out to pasture. Philosophies that proved themselves unworthy of our dedication needed to be done away with. Only beliefs that can withstand the austere glare of Saturn should be taken into 2018.

The rest should be left in the past.

The new moon also trines Uranus. The deity of innovation, breakthroughs and boundless insights blesses this new moon with its gifts. Since Saturn and Uranus have been in an ongoing trine with one another this past year, the theme this new moon picks up on is not new, but timeless in its wisdom.

The right commitments will set you free.

Being bound to our becoming requires ceaseless work but offers us unending freedom. Without discipline, consciousness escapes us. It takes rigorous effort to look at ourselves. To witness where we shrink away from accountability. To spot the times we slip out of our integrity. To notice when we have chosen an easier route around the truth. To love ourselves enough to forgive ourselves and do the hard work of healing.

Honesty opens up every possibility for evolution. Without it we are just roaming around the same issues thinking we have gotten some place new. This new moon asks us to embrace the strides we have taken to push past the barriers of self doubt and to embrace the effort it takes to truly mature. Efforts that will, in the end, bring gifts so abundant we wonder why anyone would pass up such a sacred task.    

New moon blessings,


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