SourceWhy is This True

Interviewer – Denny Hunt

Denny Hunt of YouTube Channel, “Why is This True?” interviews Teresa Yanaros of Divine Frequency about all things disclosure: philosophy of channeling, discernment, and her current conscious media business.

Denny’s wisdom and Teresa’s fresh perspectives mesh nicely in this exclusive interview. Come see how two different generations come together to discuss the happenings in the disclosure community.

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Denny Hunt: Why is this True? That is the question. I try not to attempt a definitive answer. Instead I provide interviews, resources, ideas and information about the alien agenda, spiritual awakening, experiencer accounts, MAP (aka SSP) whistleblowers and information obtained thru Divinely connected Channelers. Your answer is important and the only one that matters. This video interview channel at can help you with additional and new ways of determining answers for yourself. We don’t know what we don’t know and while I may have ideas of my own I am not going to tell you that they necessarily apply to you! Most importantly we get to see other people’s views on these soon to be viral topics. You are NOT ALONE! With some curiosity and some humility we can discover an amazing world together. Victory to the Light!