Author – Melissa Alvarez

Have you ever thought about your beliefs and how they affect your daily life? Are your beliefs based in positivity or are they fear-based in negativity? Using the natural laws to reach your desires can also help you change the way you look at life and how you react to situations. They can help you change negatives to positives and to move forward on your path in happiness and joy. There are six things to be aware of as you connect to the natural laws:

  1. You are responsible for your own energy. Your spiritual frequency is of primary importance. Your thoughts, emotions, and actions should connect to positivity and abundance. If you feel off center, now is the time to bring yourself back into balance.
  2. Whatever you strive to attain in life is also striving to come to you. Connecting to your belief and holding strong to it can help you attain your goals. If you allow this flow of energy to become part of your internal spiritual essence then it’s easier to attain success in receiving.
  3. The deepest connections with the universe are made when you take the time to be at one with the natural world. In order to succeed in your beliefs that you’ll receive what you desire, you must be at one with your core spiritual self. To expand this connection, spend time outside in nature and feel the energy of the world around you and the importance of the moments you spend within that energy.
  4. Be present in the moments of your life. Deepen your connection to the natural laws of the universe by being more aware of and thankful for the little things in your life. Stop being too busy.
  5. Love is an integral part of the whole. By creating positive, loving, and honest relationships with one another, we make our universal connections stronger. To be successful, live your life filled with love for everyone and everything you encounter in life.
  6. When you look for the positives in life, you’ll be filled with a sense of peace, and will experience less worry, struggle, and conflict. Difficult times are part of your spiritual growth. It can be hard to find balance in these situations but connecting to natural laws will help you move forward in a positive belief to receive your desires.

To be successful, to truly soar to your goals, belief in yourself and your desire to achieve all that you want out of life is essential. You can receive all that you want from life, you just have to believe that you will receive it and take steps to make it happen. Connecting to your spiritual truth, Universal truth, and the natural laws will enable you to see life from different perspectives. You may experience changes along the way and that’s part of the process of opening yourself to receive all that the Universe deems is yours.

Melissa Alvarez is a bestselling, award winning author who has written ten books and nearly five hundred articles on self-help, spirituality and wellness. As a professional intuitive coach, energy worker, spiritual advisor, medium, and animal communicator with over twenty-five years of experience, Melissa has helped thousands of people bring clarity, joy, and balance into their lives.